The First Hope offers programs for students with special needs from Age 3 through Grade 12, read on to learn about the various programs.

Inclusion Program

K-12th Grade

Our Inclusion Program offers an opportunity for students to participate and learn with typical peers every Tuesday and Thursday. The student to teacher ratio for this program is 2:1. The goal for our students is independence as well as having our students make measured data driven progress. This program includes the option of a standard diploma or special diploma. All students will participate and walk in The First Academy Graduation Ceremony during their graduating year. We do accept the McKay Scholarship.

Transitions+ Program

Primary and Secondary

Our Transitions+ program gives students an opportunity to learn about and participate in skills such as social skills, job training, self care, and general life preparedness skills. Students will also follow a Math and Reading curriculum. This model does not include weekly inclusion. Group events like field day, chapel, etc., are opportunities for peer interaction. This program includes two special diploma options. It does not include a standard diploma. Our goal is for each student to be self sufficient, by teaching the skills they need to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. The student to teacher ratio is 4:1 for Secondary students and 2:1 for Primary students. All students will participate and walk in The First Academy Graduation Ceremony for their graduating year. We do accept the McKay Scholarship. Occupational and Speech Therapy are included for Primary students and can be added for an additional cost for Secondary students.

Early Learning Program

3-4 Years Old

The First Hope’s Early learning Program serves three and four year old students with special needs. There are (2) two options: Full Time: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, and Part-Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. The teacher:student ratio is 1:2 in every classroom. Speech and occupational therapies are included in the program.

Home Program

K-12th Grade

The First Hope Home Program serves students remotely with a la carte services. This program is for families who wish to homeschool their special needs child with the support of a special needs program.
The core program includes:

Additional add-ons include:

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