The First Academy’s Alma Mater

A city on a hillside,

A beacon in the night

Now stands our alma mater –

Proclaiming truth and right.


Depending on the promises

of Jesus Christ, the Son,

In whom our faith is anchored,

In whom the victory’s won.


His Word of hope now hidden

Securely in our hearts.

Though years of change may threaten,

His Word will not depart.


As workmen who have studied

And need not be ashamed,

Prepared as Christian leaders

We’re trusting in His name.


His character and wisdom –

The hallmark of our creed

Accepting our commission

To serve all those in need.


Together lift your voices

And sing in one accord,

Of this alma mater –

The mission of our Lord.

  • Our Mission

    The First Academy is a Christ-centered, college preparatory school whose mission is to prepare children for life as Christian leaders who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service before self, and participation as a way of life.