Faculty Fellows Program

Program Overview

The goal of The First Academy’s Faculty Fellows program is to provide individuals with little or no prior teaching experience the opportunity to develop their skills in a Christian school environment as they progressively take on educational responsibility and independence both in and out of the classroom.

Faculty fellows are considered to be members of the school faculty and are treated as colleagues within their departments as they teach in Lower School, Middle School, or Upper School classroom settings under the advising and mentorship of highly-qualified lead teachers. Within the program of the school, the faculty fellow team teaches with a lead teacher and progressively assumes teaching responsibilities throughout the school year under the lead teacher’s guidance. Fellows are not considered to be interns or student teachers as they gradually assume more responsibility and independence than would be expected in those two roles.

Faculty fellows are expected to take part in all school-based professional development opportunities. Additional opportunities may be offered including but not limited to the Colson Fellows Program through the Colson Center. In addition to working in the classroom, faculty fellows will be expected to assist with coaching or sponsoring extracurricular activities each season. Fellows will also have the opportunity to lead a school-based service project as well as a student Bible study. Applications for fellows’ positions are reviewed for all academic departments and divisions. Faculty fellows are not normally reappointed to the faculty.

Applications for the 2024-2025 school year are currently being accepted and reviewed. Applications must be received by January 31, 2024.

What to Expect

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and benefits for participants accepted into the Faculty Fellows Program include:

  • Salary
  • Opportunities to enroll in health, dental, life, vision, and long-term disability insurance plans.
  • Year-long opportunities for professional development

Academic Assignments

  • Every faculty fellow is assigned to one of the three divisions of The First Academy: Lower School, Middle School, or Upper School.
  • Each faculty fellow is assigned to a lead teacher who helps the fellow learn the basics of teaching pedagogy, classroom management, instructional technology, and home-school communication.
  • As the school year progresses and the faculty fellow shows a readiness for more instructional responsibility, the lead teacher will gradually release the fellow into assuming classroom teaching responsibilities. Most fellows are teaching at least one subject area or class by the end of the first grading period. The faculty fellow remains under the supervision of the lead teacher throughout the full school year.
  • Faculty fellows may have the opportunity to work with small groups of students throughout the year, allowing them a chance to try different instructional methods with those who are experiencing academic difficulty or would like to dive deeper into a subject area.

Extracurricular Opportunities

  • Faculty fellows will plan and facilitate a school-sponsored service project.
  • During each season, fellows assist with extracurricular activities in the areas of spiritual formation, fine arts, and athletics.
  • Coaches and directors of extracurricular activities will supervise faculty fellows in an effort to expand their experience in the area of school life outside the classroom.

Spiritual Formation

  • Faculty fellows will focus on Biblical Worldview Integration into daily classroom curriculum across all subject areas.
  • Each faculty fellow will lead a Bible study group with students.
  • Opportunities will be provided to assist with divisional chapel.
  • The lead teacher will provide mentoring in the area of spiritual formation.

We Believe Statements

In healthy relationships and organizations what we say and do align with what we believe. In pursuing a Gospel-centered School Culture where we are flourishing in our calling to be Living Curriculum Influencers we must strive daily for harmony between our words, actions, and convictions. The following statements reflect what we, as employees of The First Academy, believe must be the identifiable characteristics of this ministry.

The Gospel: We believe our primary focus in the classrooms and across the campus must always and forever remain on the Gospel and the atoning grace of God through Jesus Christ because it is the only hope for mankind and because it leads to a life of devotion and service (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Students: We believe it is God who sends us students and it is He who entrusts us with the responsibility to disciple them in becoming Christ followers, servant leaders, relationship builders, honest communicators, and hard workers for His glory (II Cor. 3:3).

Employees: We believe each of us has the personal responsibility to pursue the life of a Christ-follower, prayer warrior, servant leader, relationship builder, faithful encourager, grateful communicator, and engaging influencer (Heb 10:24).

Teamwork: We believe our school community flourishes when we all work cooperatively, putting the needs of others before ourselves and using our God-given gifts to grow and improve while creating an environment characterized by loyalty, trust, fairness and open communication (I Cor. 12:14-18).

Parents: We believe parent partnership starts with finding creative ways to connect families to Jesus, the local church, and the truth of God’s Word so that we might effectively support, encourage, and equip them in fulfilling their God-given responsibilities (Deut. 6:6-9).

Teaching: We believe teaching is a unique spiritual gifting and our highest calling as a school with the potential to change lives as we pray for students and integrate the Gospel using creative methods to engage the Head, Heart, Hands, and Habits of the learner (Rom. 12:6-7).

Serving: We believe our greatest form of worship is imitating Jesus in the way that He served others by meeting their physical needs and by meeting their spiritual needs as He proclaimed the Good News (Philippians 2:1-11).

Learning: We believe each child is uniquely created in the image of God with the potential to grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man which leads us to use encouragement, differentiate instruction, and provide engaging learning experiences in every scholastic context (Luke 2:52).

Professional Development

  • Faculty fellows will take part in all new faculty orientation training.
  • Opportunities will be provided for instructional technology training.
  • All fellows will have access to all school-based professional development.
  • Faculty fellows will be considered for selection for the Colson Fellows program.
  • Opportunity to observe in multiple classrooms across divisions.


  • An active, engaged Christian faith
  • Successful completion (or pending completion) of an Undergraduate Degree
  • Evidence of self-motivation, willingness to be a team player, and a strong sense of personal responsibility
  • Must have strong conflict management and problem-solving skills
  • Must be a student-centered educator
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong time management skills; ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and meet deadlines

Program Brochure