The Classical School Academic Curriculum

The Classical School is dedicated to the continual pursuit of academic excellence. The curriculum at TCS is designed to develop students, both academically and spiritually, training students to think critically, and teaching them to speak and write persuasively.

Our teachers partner with parents in education of students for Kingdom service and ministry. Our goal is to equip students for a lifetime of serving. We take this goal very seriously and are proud to serve as educators of students who are changing the world. Our Living Curriculum teachers emphasize relevance, rigor, and relationship in the learning process. TCS strives to shape life-long learners who seek wisdom beyond scholarship, service before self, character before career and participation as a way of life.

The Classical School Hybrid program students are in traditional grade level classrooms on Tuesdays and Thursday. They focus on core subject areas such as math, language arts, science, social studies, and Bible. Students attend special area classes such as art and physical education. Middle School and High School students rotate through academic classes like math, history, science, English, art, and Bible. Each spring, students in grades K-8 participate in standardized testing.

The ideal student for TCS is one that is heavily involved in their community outside of the traditional classroom. We encourage our students to step outside of the classroom to experience learning in a meaningful and relevant way. This may look like going to the ocean as a follow up to a Marine Biology lesson, dual enrollment, pursuing a passion, or doing an internship in their field of interest.

TCS’s model offers the luxury of time. Additional years with your student as you act as their teacher as well as family time at the end of a long school day. The Classical School offers you the opportunity to create an individualized schedule on your home days.

Upon graduating from TCS, students are afforded the opportunity to attend the college of their choosing. TCS alumni are attending University of Florida, Samford University, University of Michigan, Belmont University, just to name a few.

  • Facts at a Glance

    • 21,102

      Volunteer hours given by the Upper School Students last year.
    • 1,460

      Alumni since 1986.
  • The First Academy is Accredited by:

    • Florida Council of Independent Schools
    • Southern Association of Independent Schools
    • AdvancEd Southern Association of Colleges & Schools
    • Council on Educational Standards & Accountability
    • Association of Christian Schools International