The First Hope Curriculum

The First Hope offers programs for students with special needs from Age 3 through Grade 12, read on to learn about the various programs.

General Inclusion Program

The purpose of the General Inclusion Program is to provide social opportunities and grade level instruction in a small education setting with typical peers every Tuesday and Thursday through The Classical School.

The program is geared towards students who are on grade level or are no more than a grade level behind in either reading or math. Students seeking a general diploma should enroll in this program beginning High School. This program accepts the McKay Scholarship. The First Hope is also a provider of the Gardiner Scholarship, where families can apply for reimbursement tuition.

Sample Program Elements

Inclusion Essentials Program

The Purpose of the Inclusion Essentials Program is to provide students with a comprehensive balance of academic intervention and inclusion in a general education classroom.

The program is designed for students who are more than one grade level behind in the subject areas of reading and math. Student involved in the Inclusion Essentials Program lack major behavior challenges, thrive socially, and have age appropriate life skills. Students in this program will remain with his/her First Hope teacher to receive core content interventions tailored to the student’s individual needs. Students enrolled in the Inclusion Essential Program will join The Classical School students for Bible, lunch, art, chapel, and P.E.

Sample Program Elements

Transitions+ Program

Transitions+ is designed to equip students with disabilities with life skills, social skills, and knowledge, to reach their fullest potential of independence. The program is best suited for students who need additional support in the areas of social and life skills. Students remain with the Transition+ teacher in a First Hope classroom setting. They will receive an individual education plan with social, life skills, and academic goals that meet the needs of each learner.

Sample Program Elements

Social Skills After School

This program is offered 1 time a week and is offered for each semester. Students are invited to this program and we work on increasing more appropriate social skills in our community. Sign up is on The First Hope’s Resources page.

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