Lower School Visual & Fine Arts

Lower School Music Students are encouraged to explore their God-given musical talents while learning the basic objectives of music which include five conceptual areas: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and timbre. Students approach these objectives through a variety of experiences: Movement, Speaking, Singing, Listening, Playing, and Notation.

These experiences unfold through stages of learning:

In addition, students are given the opportunity to implement what they are learning through performances in chapel and programs including the annual All-school Christmas Program and Grandparents Day. Students are encouraged to develop a lifelong love of music through exploration in the classroom and participation in performance.

Interested in additional Lower School Arts? Check if Extra Curricular Courses or the Royal Academy are registering.

Visual Arts

The Lower School Art Program offers students the opportunity to discover the “Master Artist” and His many creations.  We explore many different artistic media including drawing, ceramics, sculpture, painting, as well as delve into casual conversations about artists and why they created their works of art.

We emphasize visual expression, while encouraging creativity, problem solving, and divergent thinking through sketchbook activities, and studio projects. The goal is to help students cultivate a lifelong love of art as a medium to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Of course, having fun and generally making a mess are a priority!

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