Preschool Curriculum

We believe in developing the whole child, not only through a set curriculum but also through a “play based” approach. We believe that children learn best through dramatic play. While you will see learning going on in structured environments at the tables, they also learn best from interacting with one another and through planned learning centers set up throughout the classrooms.

Our core curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, addresses the language, literacy, handwriting, reading and math components of our curriculum. Handwriting Without Tears encourages the strengthening of fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and introduces our children to the basic strokes of letter formation.

In addition to math, writing and phonics, we incorporate science, which includes sensory and discovery experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Our spiritual curriculum is based on the “Wee Learn” curriculum, The Preschooler’s Bible, and The Children’s Bible. During the fall and spring, assessments are completed to monitor our learner’s growth in achieving the desired developmental skills.

Preschoolers Celebrate with Teacher

The social and emotional component of our curriculum is Dr. Becky Bailey’s “Conscious Discipline”. Conscious Discipline, a brain-based approach, helps a child grow daily in an environment that ensures they feel safe and loved. With these goals met, a child is able to reach an executive, cooperative state-the most effective way children learn. We provide several opportunities throughout our children’s day to connect with them one-on-one. This helps to validate how important they are to us.

Each morning, our preschool gathers for a family circle time. We do a brain start good morning song, we greet each other with a silly handshake, we practice our deep breathing to help with impulse control, and we talk about our commitments. We also celebrate birthdays, welcome our friends and teachers back that may have been out sick, and we wish friends well that are out sick or who need extra “Love” for the day. Finally, we pray together and we wish our teachers, staff and sweet friends well for the day. It is such a wonderful way to start our day together!

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