Technology Central

Saved to Serve

Corey Radford

Systems Manager

King of Volleyball, Networks, & Phones.

Brandon Hazzard

Educational Technologist

Soccer Fan, Trainer, & Leader of Geniuses.

Jill Cape

Database Administrator

Velvet Vocalist & Queen of RenWeb.

Genius Bar

This Upper School elective offers a hands on study of Information Technology. Students are taught troubleshooting steps, assist in mass deployments, and learn customer service skills while assisting their faculty and peers.

The First Academy App

Stay up to date on TFA Sports Scores, share our calendar events with friends and family, or visit many of the numerous resources all in The First Academy App. See video for more details.

Share Your Pictures

Watch as they're posted to our facebook, twitter or instagram.

Invite A Friend

Share events with your friends through email or social media directly from the app

Available for iOS

Launch the App Store app, search The First Academy, and download our app!

Available for Android

Launch the Google Play app, search The First Academy, and download our app!

Student iPad Orientation

All students are required to complete this course before receiving or using an iPad at The First Academy.

Go to The First Academy Student iPad Orientation

Parent iPad Orientation

The First Academy recommends all parents review this brief course to see what and how students are expected to utilize the supplied iPads.

Attend Our Middle & Upper School Preview Day on February 11