The Virtual Academy Admissions

Successful students at The Virtual Academy excel at time-management, independent learning, honors or AP coursework, and attention to detail. If this describes you, consider applying to The Virtual Academy. Take a moment to review the Full-time and Hybrid Programs as the two application processes and models vary:

Full-time Program

Full-time students may take 6 or more online courses with The Virtual Academy. Students interested in taking classes both in-person at The First Academy and Online at The Virtual Academy should see the Hybrid Program.

Full-time Admissions Process

Step 1: Apply – To begin the Online Application process, Parents will Create an Application Account. Afterwards, login and access the section titled, ‘Create A New Student Application for your Child’. At this point, you should be able to access your child’s application at any time by selecting the Student’s Name.

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Step 2: Evaluate – Each child will be given the SmarterMeasure aptitude test to see his or her strengths and weaknesses, help place the student in appropriate courses, and verify their technology skills are adequate for success. After completing the Application, The Virtual Academy will send you login information for the SmarterMeasure Test. Your student should carve our 30-45 minutes to complete the evaluation.

Step 3: Interview – After reviewing the SmarterMeasure Test, The Virtual Academy will reach out to you to schedule a Family Interview. The Interview can take place in-person, over FaceTime or Skype.

Step 4: Decision – After the Interview is completed, The Virtual Academy Admissions team will prayerfully determine your student’s eligibility. When a decision is made the parents are notified with decision letters and the option to enroll is given.

Step 5: Enroll – After receiving notice of acceptance, parents are provided a registration packet to complete that contains all of the necessary registration and enrollment information.

Step 6: Placement – Once enrolled, the student will have a Virtual Placement conference to discuss his or her strengths and weaknesses and ensure appropriate courses for the upcoming semester.

Questions? Contact The Virtual Academy by phone 407.206.8834 or email

Hybrid Program

The Hybrid Program allows for The First Academy students to take 3 classes at The Virtual Academy, paired with 3-4 sequential morning or afternoon classes at The First Academy.

Hybrid Admissions Process

Step 1: Indicate Interest – Potential Hybrid students should indicate their interest in The Virtual Academy as soon as possible:

Step 2: Apply – Hybrid students must first apply to, and be accepted into, The First Academy through the standard TFA Admissions process. Current TFA students should re-enroll to The First Academy, your intent to attend The Virtual Academy as a Hybrid Student has been noted by completing the above form.

New applicants should re-complete the Interest Form upon notice of acceptance into The First Academy.

Step 3: Await Approval – Please allow up to five business days for The Virtual Academy Team to check your course prerequisites, academic references, your financial aid status, update your accounts and schedule your courses. The Virtual Academy will contact you as soon as the process is completed.

Questions? Contact The Virtual Academy by phone 407.206.8834 or email

The Virtual Academy Tuition

The Virtual Academy Tuition is based on a per class model. Each full-year Advanced Placement course is $1,900 and non-AP courses are $1,500. Single semester courses are $750 and Advanced-Placement come in at $950. Based on a six course schedule, annual tuition would be broken down as follows:

Full-time Tuition

$9,000 (Plus $400 per AP Course)

Hybrid Tuition

Only Pay Upper School Tuition (Plus $400 per AP Course; Based on 3 Virtual Courses)

Individual Courses

$1,500 per course (Plus $400 per AP Course)

General Fees

The Virtual Academy’s Application includes a testing and evaluation fee. Textbooks and/or technologies may require additional expenses on a course by course basis: as a general rule of thumb, an iPad that can run the latest iOS AND a stable internet connection capable of streaming high-definition video is necessary for every course.

Full-time Students pay an annual Enrollment Fee of $600.

Questions? Contact The Virtual Academy by phone 407.206.8834 or email

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