The purpose of the Tuition Refund Program is to allow partial refund of tuition owed under the annual tuition contract in the event of a student’s withdrawal. The program is available to all students attending The First Academy.


Tuition will be refunded for the reasons and at the amounts listed below:

Withdrawal for Medical Reasons……………..100% of unused tuition

Withdrawal for Non-Medical reasons…………60% of unused tuition

Dismissal from School………………………………50% of unused tuition



Includes disability or mental disorder certified by a licensed doctor that prevents enrollment at any school for the remainder of the current school year. Request for medical withdrawal must be received before any other withdrawal reason. A letter from a physician must be presented for approval.


Voluntary withdrawal


Student dismissed from the school for academic or disciplinary reasons.

Election of the Tuition Refund Program can only be made during the enrollment change period. Families who choose not to participate in this program and then withdraw will be responsible for tuition as shown below. The enrollment deposit is never refundable.

Looking for the tuition payment options? View the Tuition Payment Plans.

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