The Lower School students participate in a variety of Fine and Visual Arts enrichment elements. In grades KPrep through 5th, students enjoy Art class featuring crafts, painting, and drawing. In general music, students sing, dance, and learn basic music theory fundamentals.

The recorder is introduced in 3rd grade and ukuleles in 5th grade. In 5th grade, students take one semester of General Music and one semester of Theatre. The extra-curricular choir is offered to 3rd through 5th grades. The program builds the foundation and experiences for the Middle and Upper School Fine Arts programs.

Each of these skills can be enhanced by participation in The Academies. The Academies is an all-encompassing after-school program that includes team sports and sports clinics, performing and fine arts classes, as well as enrichment classes for students ages Preschool through 5th Grade. For more information and how to register, please visit The Academies page.