Royal Academy

The First Academy offers an expanded after-school program to include academic, fine arts, and enrichment classes for students. The Royal Academy is implemented to meet the requests of families and to expand offerings and participation in the Athletics, Academics and Fine Arts programs and other areas of enrichment.

The courses offered are dependent on the availability of an instructor. We continually seek qualified instructors to teach classes, which may include TFA teachers, parents, or other qualified persons. If you have questions regarding the program or are interested in teaching a course next semester, or would like to recommend an instructor, please contact Debi Savage, Program Director at

Registration & Courses

Click here to register and learn more about the fall course offerings, expand the dropdown sections below.

Fees, Refunds & Policies

The course fee must be paid as listed in the online registration form. The fees are set for all students, staff/non-staff. The course fee must be paid with each registration. The student will receive a full refund less expenses incurred (processing fee) if withdrawing from a program offering before until Friday, September 10, at 8 pm. No refunds will be made after this date. If a student is asked to leave the course for disciplinary reasons no refund will be permitted

The First Academy reserves the right to cancel any program for which there is insufficient enrollment. The designated participation maximum is listed under the course description. All fees will be refunded in the event that the course minimum is not met.This application is made with the understanding that The First Academy reserves the right to request withdrawal of any student whose conduct, influence, attendance, or progress is regarded as undesirable or unsatisfactory, or who fails to conform to rules and regulations. No refund will be made to any student who withdraws or is dismissed from the Royal Academy of the Arts & Enrichment after the program has begun.

The dress code for the Royal Academy is TFA school uniform unless instructed otherwise.

Students participating in the Royal Academy Program will follow the same health and safety protocols utilized by The First Academy during the school day. During registration, participants will also complete a participation waiver.