Visual Arts in the Middle School

As a society we are moving away from a manufacturing economy, and moving toward a creative economy (have you looked at your labels lately, to see where things are being manufactured?). The most dangerous thing we can do is dismiss the importance of the arts and music programs that develop our children’s creative thinking skills and confidence.

middleSchoolVisualArtsThere is no greater investment in the lifetime of a student than to help them fulfill all the gifts and talents they have been blessed with by God. The very fact they have a bent in these areas reinforces that they are created in His likeness and their creativity is part of their destiny.

We need to create future adults who are ready to compete in a world that is truly multi-dimensional. We need a nation filled with creative people who have the imagination and incentive to lead with ideas that will build the economy of the next generation.
Everything we see, feel, taste, touch, sit on, drive, communicate with, the clothes we wear, the utensils we use to the programs on our computer – were all inventions from an artist, engineer or some creative mind. We need to nurture the vital link of creative ability to develop career potential. It is the job of every parent and teacher to see to it the Arts are not only a major component in every classroom but are supported in the home as well.
This foundational introduction to the Visual Arts through the sixth through eighth grade could be the spark that ignites a path of discovery to your child’s future career