Digital Cinema

Media Production Program

Our desire is to provide the creative and technical foundation to become a positive influence in the area of media and entertainment. Students will be encouraged to use the talents they have been given to glorify God. Training will be both professional and practical. Current technology now affords us the opportunity to provide cutting-edge equipment to enhance the learning experience while preparing our students to develop valuable communication skills.

We are extremely blessed to have a facility for our media students. Our TV production studio and editing lab are equipped with iMac computers and Adobe Creative Suite, which includes programs to create music, edit videos, as well as create motion and titles. The large studio and control rooms are set up for class use and are enhanced by the ramped green screen in the studio. The open environment between the control room, studio and editing areas encourage group work and the smaller sound/editing room is perfect for fine-tuning projects and creating music.

All students are encouraged to become involved in the Media Production program. The entry-level class offered in the program, Intro to Media Production, offers a hands-on learning experience focusing on foundational skills for students interested in advancing their broadcast, journalism, and digital media knowledge. The Media Production classes that follow are taken in sequence and with the instructor’s permission, along with the opportunity to apply for junior and senior-level leadership producer positions. Media Production skills are developed through the courses in addition to the production for Raw Footage each week.