Upper School Theatre

Upper School Theatre at The First Academy allows all levels of theatre student to thrive and excel in a rich performance environment. Performers and technicians have multiple opportunities to serve and create both during and outside of school hours. The theatrical arts at The First Academy allow students to develop their talents and gifts in an environment that maintains a Biblical worldview, nurtures a Christ-like attitude and desires to develop Christian character among its participants. Feel free to review our gallery of upper school performances.

Active Ticketing Performances

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Theatrical Opportunities

Aside from the semesterly courses – Drama I, Acting I, Advanced Performance Workshop, Musical Theatre, Comprehensive Theatre, Stagecraft – The First Academy’s Upper School Theatre Program offers the following annual opportunities:

Extracurricular Performance Opportunities

One Act and Individual Events Upper School Thespians compete at the District 5 Thespian Festival. Students participate in Individual Events and may participate in an One Act performance. Advanced actors audition in the spring for the advanced performance workshop class which produces the one act. Students interested in technical opportunities or further information should contact the US director and attend Thespian meetings to learn more about upcoming events and opportunities.

Upper School Musical

The Upper School Spring Musical is annually presented in the Spring of each year. Auditions are open to all 9-12 grade students and are widely publicized throughout the school. The annual production is presented in FBCO Faith Hall or TFA Black Box Theatre.

Looking for more information? Contact Kyona Levine about courses or casting and Cheryl Bynum for ticketing and sales.

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