Royals Visual Arts

Visual Arts Mission

The First Academy established a chapter of the high school National Art Honor Society in 2005 under the direction of Mrs. Gegerson. The NAHS recognizes students with exceptional artistic ability and talent, Service to others and exemplary character. It is open to students in grades 10-12 who qualify for membership. Every year, NAHS members choose a major service project, using their talents to inspire and extend Christ’s love to others through community service.

Believing that God puts a part of His creative nature in each of us, TFA’s Upper School Visual Arts Program aims to develop and equip young people to visually impact the community and the world with the foundational truth that God is our Creator. We are dedicated to God’s Word and His Truth so we seek to incorporate these values into our art program through creative ventures in Art Foundations, 2-D design, 3-D Design, Creative Book design, Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics and Advanced Visual Arts.

Students are encouraged to use artistic talent to bring beauty into the daily lives of others and to develop their talents to effect positive change in the world of arts and entertainment. They explore a variety of art media and thematic content while developing skills in visual memory and higher-order thinking that can effectively transfer to core academic areas.

Award-Winning Program

Students routinely participate in competitive art exhibits and have won numerous awards, including ribbons from The Downtown Rotary Street Painting Festival, Winter Park Art Festival, Windermere Art Festival and a student represented TFA in the Capital’s United States Congressional Art Competition. A good percentage of our students choose to continue study in visual arts in college.

What is the vision and purpose for the Ceramics program at The First Academy?

Students love the medium, but the truth is . . . it’s easy to share Christ through Ceramics!

In The Holy Land of Israel, many artifacts remain dating back even from before the time of Christ. Most of these artifacts were ceramic! Other mediums decay and disintegrate, but fired clay is lasting, just as a living soul is eternal. The entire gospel and Christian walk can be shared through creation of a pot on the potter’s wheel, from the creation of Adam from the Terra Cotta (Red Clay), to the purpose God has for creating each of us. There are many types of vessels, each with a different, but necessary, purpose – even the dirtiest, oldest one used to hold the water poured out to make every other vessel. While making a pot, students experience the importance of being centered in the will of God to obtain His purpose, and what happens when we struggle against Him.

Just like the clay on the wheel, if we do not stay centered in His will, we become unbalanced and unstable. After completing a work, students witness the firing process of the kiln, and relate it to the refining fire of the Holy Spirit. How it would hurt if the clay were alive, as we – the clay – are alive, but how critical the process is to remove impurities and make us strong and stable. This is only a sample of analogies waiting to help us understand our walk with the Lord!

What is the vision and purpose for the Ceramics program at The First Academy? Yes, the students love the medium, but there is so much more…to share Christ.