The Athletics department has put together an extensive list outlining the College Recruiting process. If you’re interested in playing a college sport, this is an excellent place to begin.

Considerations for the Recruiting Process

Athletes should have realistic expectations of their level of play. Be honest with yourself and consider your ability and profile for the position you play. For example, there were zero NCAA Basketball players under 5’5″ in 2017. When it comes to college athletic recruiting, dreams and reality may differ.

  1. Take a moment to review the Athlete Profiles by Position that collegiate coaches use for consideration of an athlete. These were created by research and discussions with collegiate coaches.
  2. College coaches expect athletes to meet the NCAA academic requirements. Be sure to review your grade-based and test-based academic requirements.
    1. Division I Academic Requirements
    2. Division II Academic Requirements
    3. Division III Academic Requirements
    4. NAIA Academic Requirements
    5. SAT & ACT Sliding Scale Scores