Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

That’s more than just a catchy headline. Before the school year began, I sat down and did us all a big favor, the result of which is a list of 15 things that we all need to know to have a great school year. Each of these items has a more detailed explanation within the Parent-Student Handbook.

This list of 15 things isn’t an arbitrary creation. It represents the essential elements of a positive culture that defines who we are at The First Academy. This isn’t a menu of items from which to pick and choose. It represents some of the most important elements in teaching students to follow Christ, love their neighbors, experience grace through failure, and develop grit through difficulty as they grow and mature in the school setting.

We are a blessed community of parents, students, and educators bound together by our love for God and our commitment to investing the next generation of leaders. The resources provided below represent guardrails that will lead us toward success and guidelines that will bolster a healthy school culture. As we embrace this framework and put First Things First we will experience God’s hand of blessing in our lives individually and within our community collectively.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your family at The First Academy. While we have witnessed enormous progress in our short 30-year history, I firmly believe that the best is yet to come! I’m excited to be on this journey with each one of you.

In His Joy,

Read the abbreviated handbook here:

 The Top Things Every TFA Parent Needs to Know