Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

The explosion of change in technology, communication, and the world booms all around. In the clamor, I anchor myself to the truths found in Jesus Christ. I’m not alone. Millions upon millions of others have answered the call to follow Jesus. Despite the booming, noisy changes all around, they continue following, obeying, and responding to Jesus. These are some of my heroes. Many of them work and serve in your church. These pastors and leaders make mighty sacrifices to serve us. At the First Academy, we are so grateful for our strong partnership with First Baptist of Orlando and the leadership of Dr. David Uth. I am proud to call him my friend and partner in ministry.

October is when we celebrate our Pastors during Pastor Appreciation Month. (But I suspect anytime is a good time to recognize these men and women.) Whether you attend First Baptist or one of the many other wonderful churches around town, below are 7 simple ideas for how you can celebrate and appreciate your pastor during this important month.

  1. Purchase a gift card to their favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or ice cream stand.
  2. Bring flowers you purchase or pick. If your pastor is married, give flowers to their spouse.
  3. Find out your pastor’s favorite beverage (soda, tea, etc.) and stock them up.
  4. Select a gift tied into your pastor’s hobby or passion.
  5. Show love to the pastors’ kids.
  6. Simply ask, “What can I do to be of service to you and your family?” and come prepared with three ideas such as handy-person services, babysitting, or dinner delivery.
  7. Pray for your pastor and write your prayer as a thank you card.

Join me, Tricia, Stephen, Amanda, and Caleb in celebrating our pastors and our church homes throughout the month of October.