Chair Back Seating Opportunities

New this year at the Payne Stewart Athletic Complex is chair-back seating at Warden Stadium. For the first time, you have an opportunity to purchase stadium chair seats to enjoy while watching our amazing sporting events. For more information please visit or contact Alvin Alexander at or 407.206.8733.


November 17:
Varsity Soccer vs. Oak Ridge
Varsity Boys Basketball @ Hagerty Preseason Shootout
JV Boys Soccer vs. Forrest Lake Academy
MS Boys Soccer vs. Lake Highland

November 18:
Varsity Boys Basketball @ Hagerty Preseason Shootout
Varsity Girls Basketball vs. East River
7th Grade Boys Basketball @ Master’s Academy
6th Grade Boys Basketball @ Master’s Academy

November 19:
No Events

November 21:
No Events

November 22:
Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Lake Highland
Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Father Lopez
JV Boys Basketball vs. Lake Highland

November 23-25:
No Events

November 26:
Varsity Boys Basketball @ Metro Shootout (@ Apopka HS)

November 28:
MS Girls Soccer @ Windermere Prep

November 29:
Varsity Girls Basketball @ P.K. Younge
Varsity Girls Soccer @ Colonial HS
Varsity Boys Soccer @ Cornerstone
JV Girls Soccer @ Colonial HS
JV Boys Soccer @ Forrest Lake Academy
8th Grade Boys Basketball @ Mount Dora Christian Academy
MS Girls Basketball vs. Trinity Prep (@ Lake Highland)
MS Boys Soccer @ Master’s Academy
MS Girls Soccer @ Trinity Prep
7th Grade Boys Basketball @ Mount Dora Christian Academy

November 30:
Varsity Boys Basketball @ The Rotary Tournament (@ Winter Park HS)
MS Girls Soccer @ Orangewood

Royals TV Subscription

The First Academy is in its sixth year streaming live athletic events via Royals TV. TFA continues to partner with NFHS Network to broadcast regular season and post-season games for multiple sports. Check out to view upcoming events and catch the live action. For more information or questions, contact Doug Cohen at Any TFA students interested in helping out with Royals TV are encouraged to contact Doug Cohen.

The Royal Booster Association

We strongly encourage you to become part of our Royal Booster Association today! By becoming a booster, you will receive membership passes to all regular season home athletic contests. In addition to free admission to regular season events on campus, there are certain perks available at different memberships levels. Check out to view the Athletic Booster Association’s Mission, inquire about membership details and/or sign-up as a Booster or Sponsor.

Clinics/Skills Sessions

LS/MS Girls Lacrosse Clinic: This clinic will take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 2 weeks, starting on December 5th and ending on December 16th, for a total of 6 sessions. It is open to 3rd-8th grade girls. Each session will last one hour (3:30-4:30). The clinic will he held at the Lower School Fields. Cost is $100 and covers all 6 sessions. Please register online at

LS/MS Boys Lacrosse Clinic: The MS clinic (6th-8th grade) takes place on November 28 – December 1st for a total of 4 sessions. The LS Clinic (3rd-5th Grade) takes place on December 5th-8th for a total of 4 sessions. Cost is $100 and covers all 4 sessions. Please register online at