Reclaim Your Brain & Energy with F.lux

A few years back I attended a week-long technology conference here in Orlando. As technology conferences go, this one was incredibly intense. If you’ve never been to an “intense” technology conference before, let me paint you a picture. There are, in general, a lot of pale, low muscle tone, nerdy guys wearing backpacks. There is also an absurd amount of carbohydrates and caffeine being consumed. Conversations from those in attendance... Read More.

Stats Superstar Julie de la Fe

tatistically speaking, Julie de la Fe is an outlier. Her teaching methods are not mean and the majority of her students would say her teaching style is highly correlated with academic and real... Read More.

Neil Harrison Teacher Spotlight

In the halls and about the TFA campus, Neil Harrison is mild mannered and unassuming. In personal conversation, he is not a person anyone would likely consider garrulous, but when he speaks it is... Read More.