Award-Winning Fine Arts Showcases

The winter season has been a busy and successful one for the Fine Arts Department. Middle and Upper School Visual Arts students fine-tuned their work for display, showcasing it as part of the annual Fall Visual Art Exhibit.

The following students received awards for their artwork:


In addition to the visual arts, Middle and Upper School theater students boldly returned to the stage this fall, bringing home top honors for their theatrical performances.

In the Upper School, TFA’s Thespian Troupe 5165 recently performed their One Act, The Internet is Distract- OH LOOK A KITTEN! Their performance was recorded and submitted to the Virtual Districts/Regionals Festival as part of the Florida North West Region, which included over 50 schools from Central and North Florida.

Troupe 5165 came home with Superior ratings for their One Act, and the students who competed in Individual Events received nine Superiors and seven Excellents.

In the Middle School, TFA’s Jr Thespian Troupe 88146 attended their Virtual Districts/Regionals Festival and came homewith Superior ratings for their One Act, Help Desk. Not only did they receive Superior, but they also received Top Honors which means they were one out of two One Acts that received the highest scores for the Region. This is the highest recognition at this level.

8th Grader Paige Steppie also received Top Honors for her Solo Musical, only the second time that Troupe 88146 has received this honor for an Individual Event. The other students who competed in Individual Events received three Superiors and eight Excellents.

The Fine Arts Department continues to put hard work into all they accomplish, shining for the Lord and TFA.

help desk cast