Become a Host Family for TFA’s International Program

We would like to invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a host family for The First Academy’s International Program. At The First Academy, we welcome students from China to study, explore, and seek academic excellence in a Christian environment. Our goal in the Host Family Program is to offer quality accommodations in loving, Christian homes. When placing a student with a host family, we seek families who convey a spiritual balance to what often becomes a rigorous academic and social schedule. Our hope is that the strength of Christ and family will ease the transition for these students and help build many lasting relationships.


Why do families open their homes to international students? Some feel called by God to use their homes as a ministry and provide care for students who are far away from their own family. Others see it as a way to bring the world into their homes and learn about a different language and culture while sharing their own.


We are committed to providing good homes for our international students and matching them with families who will offer the best possible environment for them while they are here. Specifically, we are seeking families who will:


Additional Information:


Our expectation is that each international student will grow in a Christian environment and both parties will have a positive cross-cultural experience.


For more information on becoming a host family for The First Academy’s International Program, please contact Dr. Shayne Grove, Director of Admissions and International Students, at or 407-206-8642.

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