Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

It’s a privilege to vote as an American. However, as believers, we know our permanent citizenship is in heaven, not on earth. With that in mind, will you join me in making five important election season commitments:

  1. Let’s engage in conversations designed to understand important issues, but not use words or antics that are shrill or demeaning.
  2. Let’s encourage one another to consider how the political candidates’ positions align with Biblical Truth, but not engage in character assassination of those with whom we disagree.
  3. Let’s hold deeply to our faith, but not declare for God who His favorite candidate is. He cares way more about our faithfulness in following Him than the outcome of the upcoming election.
  4. Let’s encourage and pray faithfully for those who have pursued political office, but remember that God raises up and removes rulers as He wishes (Daniel 2:21).
  5. Let’s embrace the words of Psalm 20:7, “Some trust in chariots (one political party), and some in horses (the other political party), but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.”

I don’t know who Jesus would vote for, but I do believe He wants us to live our lives in such a way that we bring Glory to Him, even during a contentious election season.