Can I Be Honest?

I desperately want to be honest. I’m not perfect in my own struggle with sin but my heart is still there. It’s strange, though. Have you ever realized that, no matter how honest you are with others, it’s really easy to believe lies about yourself?

There’s good news here! Turns out you can tell yourself that you don’t matter one million times. That won’t make it true. You (or the ambiguous and ever-present “they”) can say you’ll never succeed or that you’re not good enough. However, even though we know they’re wrong, we’re still tempted to doubt.

Think about it. One day you look in the mirror and your hair is curled and your make-up is perfect and your outfit is from J. Crew. You should feel confident, happy, alive.

Instead you scrunch your nose in criticism, listening to lies that echo in your ears. “Why are you even trying?” The thoughts loop. You doubt your worth.

When I’m not in communication with the Lord, this is how my days go. No one needs to point out my flaws. I can see them. They’re staring straight back at me in the mirror.

But think about how this all changes when you see yourself the way God sees you.
Let’s say later that day, you pull your hair up and the make-up is gone. You look in the mirror again. But you’re astonished because you see a reflection that is enough.

This is one of life’s beautiful paradoxes. The knowledge that we are never going to be perfect enough to get to Heaven paired with the knowledge that we are so deeply loved that Jesus came to fix that problem.

We’re not enough and completely enough all at the same time.

It’s okay to admit our limits and our flaws. It’s better to personally know the limitless and flawless God who loves you so much it’s mind-blowing.

I think we all desire to be fully known and fully loved. Especially my fellow ladies. We need a community to show us the things we can’t see in ourselves. We need Jesus to tell us the truth about who we are in Him. Valued. Cherished. Unique. Loved. Forgiven. Children of God. This is the truth.

God made you in His image and He delights in you and He wants to give you the joy of the Lord. This is the truth.

And one day, Some One or Many Some Ones will be stunned by your “enough-ness.” That enough-ness will be visible even when you wear sweatpants or have a bad hair day. The light of Christ will shine through you and you will be radiant and you will be loved. This is the truth.

Lean into your insecurities and they’ll consume you. Lean into Jesus and He consumes the insecurities. This is the truth.

May we turn away from the lifestyle of lie-listening and embrace the grace-filled life of truth-telling. Let us tell the truth to ourselves and to others. Let us seek the face of God, the Authority on truth.

III John 3 says, “I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in Truth.” Our guest writer this week is Amanda Grace Whitaker, TFA Class of 2012. She is my oldest child and a senior at the University of Florida. She is the author of Making It Count and she shares her thoughts on life and living at She is a beautiful young lady with a passion for Jesus and a heart for the world.



Steve D. Whitaker, Ph. D.
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