Meet Michael

Michael has been a student at The First Academy since kindergarten and due to an extremely successful acting career, needed to move his schooling online. He decided to go full-time online with The Virtual Academy to maintain a consistent, college-preparatory, Christian education while focusing on his acting career. You may have seen him on his hit Netflix series Fuller House playing Jackson, or you could have bumped into him while he was touring... Read More.

Meet Teresa

Teresa came to TFA specifically for The Virtual Academy Hybrid program. She loves to play golf and saw the potential of creating a personalized schedule for her unique needs as a student-athlete. She... Read More.

Meet Courtnee

Courtnee has been at The First Academy since Pre-K and is taking advantage of the diverse course offerings with The Virtual Academy in order to complete her fourth year of study in French. She hopes... Read More.

Meet Graham

Graham has been a student at The First Academy since kindergarten. Graham's a senior, an honors student, a baseball player, and a family guy. His parents describe him as independent, fun-loving, and... Read More.

Meet Emma

An eleventh grader at The First Academy, Emma was born in Concord, Massachusetts, lived in China during her elementary years, and started schooling at The First Academy for high school. She’s had... Read More.

Meet Anna

A student at The First Academy for six years, Anna is enjoying her eleventh grade year as a hybrid student with The Virtual Academy. She made the decision to GO HYBRID because she wanted more... Read More.

Meet Abby

Abby is an eleventh grader at The First Academy. She's been at TFA since fifth grade, she's an honor roll student, an accomplished softball pitcher, and is well loved by those that know her. Abby's... Read More.

Improving College Success Rates

Does it provide a more flexible experience for the student? Absolutely, students who make use of this are more able to contribute to their own self-improvement and extracurricular activities. Does... Read More.

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