Five Promises To TFA Parents

Written by: Dr. Whitaker, Head of School


In the midst of cultural decline, attacks against the Christian faith and anti-American propaganda being lauded in the public square, there are five promises I want to make to our families at The First Academy. These promises are consistent with the philosophy of Christian schooling that birthed this institution and they are aligned with our unwavering belief in the power of partnering with Christian parents to raise up a generation of world-changers.

1. We promise to teach your children to be proud of America. While some scoff at the writings of Washington, Jefferson and Adams, we proudly contend that this is still “One Nation Under God” and we firmly believe that the constitutional constructs are to be defended.

2. We promise to begin each school day the way you and your parents did. We will pledge allegiance to the flag, we will pray openly to the King of kings, and we will live in accordance with the Ten Commandments.

3. We promise to teach your children that a strong work ethic and the free market system are worth celebrating. The greatness of the American economy has been fueled by ingenuity and hard work. The American Dream can, and still should be, realized through strengthening local communities and limiting the powers of the federal government.

4. We promise to teach your children that they have been created with a divine purpose. They are not here by chance. Their Creator fashioned them while they were still in the womb and placed a calling on their life that belongs to them alone. They are priceless treasures, they are gifted with marvelous potential, and they are blessed beyond measure.

5. Most importantly, we promise to teach your children that the Bible is God’s Holy Word. It paints the portrait of Christian marriage, it provides the blueprint for financial stewardship, and it offers the promise of eternal life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

While the cultural elite repudiate American exceptionalism and judicial activists undermine religious freedom, we at The First Academy remain unapologetically committed to live as Christ-followers, to lead as grateful citizens of the United States of America, and to leave a legacy of faithfulness to those who follow. As long as God grants me the joy of leading this wonderful school, we will teach your children to choose character before career, service before self, wisdom beyond scholarship and participation as a way of life.



Steve D. Whitaker, Ph. D.
Head of School

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