Heroes and Helpers – Part I

Written by: Dr. Whitaker, Head of School

During my 13 years as Head of School at The First Academy, I have spoken to hundreds of parents and written dozens of articles on the topic of moving schools from Good to Great. One of the aspects that I almost always discuss is the collaboration of the heroes and helpers on our campus. The heroes (our classroom teachers) are on the frontline, and they are the key to the success of our great school. The helpers (all the rest of us) at TFA work together to support the classroom teachers in every way possible.

I speak often of the heroes on our campus. I have praised them publicly, written about them in various publications, highlighted their work and congratulated them on their accomplishments. They are terrific, talented and passionate about their calling.

Today, however, I want to highlight the helpers. These are the people behind the scenes who keep our campus clean, who manage the computer systems, who pay the bills and answer the phones. They work tirelessly to serve your family and the teachers on campus. They concern themselves with safety, balanced budgets, and newsletters. Often their work is unnoticed, unrewarded, and at times, unpleasant.

As I walked across campus today, I was reminded of how much I appreciate the team that is dedicated to keeping our facilities looking so nice. Megan, Juan, Dean, and Alina serve joyfully each day. The same could be said of those in our finance, technology, and administrative office.

I want to ask you to take time this week to recognize our helpers for all that they do. Send them an email, buy them a Starbucks card, tell them that you appreciate their work, and above all else, pray for them as they serve our school and your children on a daily basis.


Steve Whitaker, Ph.D.
Head of School







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