Heroes and Helpers – Part II

Written By: Dr. Whitaker, Head of School

In the last issue of TFA Today, I discussed one of the most vital aspects of moving schools from Good to Great. Specifically, we addressed the collaboration of the heroes and helpers on our campus. The heroes (our classroom teachers) are on the frontline, and they are the key to the success of our great
school. The helpers (all the rest of us) at TFA work together to support the classroom teachers in every way possible.

In Part I of this series, we applauded the servant leadership of those behind the scenes at TFA who work tirelessly to serve your family and the teachers on campus. Without their attention to campus safety, balanced budgets, and well-written newsletters, we would not be the school that God intends.

This week we want to focus on the heroes – our classroom teachers who give of themselves tirelessly to teach the minds and reach the hearts of our sons and daughters. They arrive early and stay late. When the students go home, a teacher’s day does not end. Around 3:00 p.m., they begin returning phone calls, answering emails, grading papers and reviewing lesson plans for the next day. They take work home and pray for their students.

Like you and like me, they are not perfect. They struggle with disappointment, they worry about their own children, they get angry and they wonder if what they are doing really matters. Teaching is one of the toughest jobs in America. If you don’t believe me, I have a classroom of 20 kindergarten students who will be happy to test my hypothesis with you as their teacher. The teachers at The First Academy are my heroes!

Can I ask you to do me a favor? Let’s agree when we return from Spring Break, we will do two things every day that first week back. First, let’s thank one teacher each day for the investment they are making in the lives of students. Second, let’s purpose that we will use only affirming words and think only positive thoughts about our teachers. Thank you in advance for making this a great week for our heroes.


Steve Whitaker, Ph.D.
Head of School




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