According to the Pew Institute, over 94% of teens are online, two year olds are mastering the use of iPads, and more children own cell phones than toothbrushes! As a parent, these facts can be frightening. It’s important to know how we can protect our children from various internet-introduced issues. Keith Dunn, world renown Cyber Safety Expert, says its important to start a conversation with your child. Ask “What are your favorite things to do online?” or “Do you ever get texts from people you don’t know?” Keith points out that these are great first steps towards ensuring your child’s safety.

He continues to explain how even the apps on our phones are evolving. If you thought occasionally skimming through your child’s iMessages would do the trick – think again! Picture texts can be sent, and made to disappear through the use of SnapChat, making that inappropriate text to your son or daughter disappear without you ever seeing it. But why bother sending a picture when they can just have a live Facetime video, or send a short clip with Vine? Students today face many more obstacles than you or I ever imagined. Almost all children will agree that they’ve seen Cyberbullying on some form of the internet. Have a talk with your child today.

The First Academy will feature Keith Dunn at one of the student chapel events. Children will learn the dangers of social media, and what they can do to prevent engaging in troublesome mechanics online. If you’re interested in learning more about Keith Dunn, or to find out about parent seminars, visit his Keith Dunn on the web.