Does it provide a more flexible experience for the student? Absolutely, students who make use of this are more able to contribute to their own self-improvement and extracurricular activities. Does it improve a student’s success rate in college? Most definitely, a student with this experience is far more likely to succeed in college.

What are we talking about?

Research indicates that students taking one or more online courses in high school will be best prepared for college. And with a third of college courses going virtual, it’s more important than ever for students to prepare for an online, “virtual” course. Freshman surveyed stated they didn’t expect to take an online course – yet, more than half of college classes are expected be taken online by 2020. Furthermore, students like these, without prior experience in taking an online course, have the lowest retention rate in these courses.

TVA students

The Virtual Academy

The Virtual Academy provides an opportunity for students to partake in their first virtual course. Every student should consider taking at least one supplemental course before graduation. These students may find that they excel in building their own schedule, prefer the added flexibility of taking a half day with the Hybrid program, or enjoy the privilege of accelerating their schedule with single courses.

Aside from being better prepared for college, the Full-time program can allow self-motivated students to take their entire schedule online; this is perfect for athletes and artists with travel obligations to continue their studies on the go. Likewise, families looking to add a homeschool element may find benefit in the full-time model. Students needing more time in the day may benefit from the Hybrid program, allowing them to take on-campus courses on campus in the morning or afternoon and online courses for the other segment, effectively freeing up the other time slots for personalized activities.

Student Athletes

Two a day workouts start to take a toll on your hours, add to that school, traffic and practice – being a student athlete makes it nearly impossible to make it home at a reasonable hour. Insert The Virtual Academy with a Hybrid program where athletes can finish their day at noon or start late at 1 pm, students complete their workouts and put in a full round of golf before the school days over.  The Virtual Academy offers the needed flexibility to make a student athlete schedule doable.

Christian FLVS Alternative

While the Florida Virtual School might seem like a great program, the lack of Christian values can change your student’s attitude and outlook quickly. With a Christ-centered foundation, The Virtual Academy integrates traditional biblical principles throughout every course. Learn more about our courses offered.

Traveling and Studying Abroad

Military, expatriates, missionary and competitive sports families find it difficult to find a school to call home. The Virtual Academy provides the missing community aspect typically lacking when shifting schools on a regular basis. With regular video session, weekly video chapel, group projects and much more The Virtual Academy provides ample opportunities to know your peers, engage with teachers, and communicate with the administrators.

Homeschool Students

As homeschooling families approach high school, often parents find that they’re struggling to sufficiently teach the expected high school curriculums. Either it’s been too long, or the parent’s having to learn the materials too. At some point it simply becomes ineffective to attempt to teach courses like Calculus BC or Latin to your student. That’s where supplementing your homeschool curriculum with online courses through either the individual or Full-time options can benefit the homeschooling family.

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