Is There a Doctor in the House?

Written By: Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School


That’s a great question for this time of year and in our case, the answer is YES! We are blessed to have a number of terrific physicians at The First Academy. One of those is Dr. Scott Brady who serves as the Senior Medical Director and CEO of Florida Hospital Centra Care. Scott and his wife Pamela are the parents of three TFA students (Hannah, Sarah Grace, and Lydia) and one graduate (Abigail).

Dr. Brady says, “Now is the time to get your flu vaccine – in the past week the number of influenza cases in Central Florida has more than doubled.” In the school setting, influenza can spread quickly, so we all need to be thinking about getting our flu shots, and practicing good hand hygiene. During our conversation, I learned that the current seasonal flu-shot “provides resistance against four influenza strains, including the swine flu.”

While influenza can create a ten-day problem for healthy students and adults, Dr. Brady told me “The flu can be fatal as well – especially for the very young, those over 65, and those with chronic medical problems such as lung disease, heart disease, cancer and folks who take immune suppressants. In fact, the CDC recommends an annual Flu shot for everyone older than six months of age.” With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, we want to make sure we don’t expose and endanger our loved ones by exposing them to the flu – all because we have neglected to take the simple precaution of getting the flu shot.

Let’s work together as a well-educated school family to avoid the flu this year. This will enhance learning, promote a positive outlook and help us promote wellness throughout our community. For more information on flu vaccination, you can visit

We want to thank Dr. Brady for his service to our community and for his advice on staying healthy during the upcoming holiday season.


Steve Whitaker, Ph.D.
Head of School



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