Streamlining our Leadership Team

Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

As we prepare to begin the 2017/18 school year, I wanted to update you on some important changes. As you may have noticed, we have consolidated several administrative resources for next year as we continue to be careful stewards. In all, we have reduced our Leadership Team size by 2.5 positions and re-organized my direct reports. More information on each Leadership Team member is available on our website. In this short blog post, I want to update you on exactly what those on my team do each week to serve our faculty, staff, and families at TFA.

Our school year theme for 2017/18 is First Things First. To bolster this area, Patrick Barrett will be moving from his previous position and will become the Executive Director for Spiritual Formation and Missions. This position was called the Director of Spiritual Formation last year, so we have a different leader filling an existing position. In this role, Patrick will work to ensure that all that we do is focused on spiritual formation and the central theme of the Gospel. He will also be working very closely with our pastors at FBCO to strengthen our connection to programs that are vital for our students and families at TFA.

Dr. Shayne Grove will now serve as Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning. This is the position previously held by Patrick Barrett. Her wealth of experience and her gifts will be used to elevate classroom instruction and student engagement. Shayne served in Orange County Public Schools as an award-winning Principal for ten years prior to coming to TFA as our Director of Admissions. The principals at TFA all report to her and she oversees all matters related to teaching, learning, curriculum, and student discipline.

Marci Chavalas is no stranger to TFA. She is a former faculty member in our Lower School and will be returning to us in a part-time capacity as Executive Director of Leadership and Professional Development. This is an investment in our faculty and school culture. She will be elevating our professional development programs, assisting us with diversity initiatives, and serving as a leadership mentor. Marci has an accomplished academic career with an undergraduate degree from Duke University and a master’s degree from Brown University. I’m excited to welcome Marci back to TFA.

When you arrive at TFA in the morning, you often see Brian Rose, Assistant Head of School for Advancement, welcoming families to campus. He will continue in his role leading our communications and development efforts. In the upcoming year, he looks forward to the opportunity to oversee our Athletic Director and Fine Arts Director. He has a passion for both areas and several new initiatives will soon be unveiled. We are thankful for the remarkable success we experienced last year in the Royal Nation Fund, thanks to Brian’s gifted leadership.

Our Chief Finacial Officer at TFA is Jerry Chambers. He will be continuing in his role and overseeing our financial management, campus operations, admissions, human resources, and technology staff. Jerry had a tremendously successful career in business prior to joining our team. Under his skilled leadership at TFA we have experienced our greatest years of financial stability. Jerry is also an adjunct consultant with Independent School Management, Inc. and is a much sought-after expert. We are truly blessed to have Jerry at TFA.


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