Lower School Newsletter, Week of 4/9

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are some important dates that you do not want to miss:
April 14th – Alternative Lunch Day (Students Must Bring a Lunch)
April 27th-April 30th – LS/MS Standardized Testing (Classrooms)


The following is a list of chapel dates and times for April:
April 16th – K4-1st Gr. Chapel 9:00AM (MWC)
April 16th – 5th & 6t Gr. Students Attend MS Chapel 9:30AM (HC)
April 23rd – 2nd-4th Gr. Chapel 9:00AM (HC)
April 23rd – 5th & 6th Gr. Students Attend MS Chapel 9:30AM (HC)


Are your children involved in after-school activities? Research shows that participation can boost kids’ academic achievement. These types of programs offer opportunities for success in various activities and build confidence, both of which are great for the classroom. Here are some ways to create similar opportunities that carry the same benefits at home:

Homework Time: Set a regular study time and this will encourage independence and responsibility.
Reading Time: Look for creative ways to fit reading into your child’s schedule. The Jackson family reads in the car to and from home or after-school activities.
Academic Activities: Blend science, history, and math into your daily routine. Try a cooking science experiment one night in place of dessert.
Creative or Athletic Activities: Celebrate the progress that your children are making in their own personal areas. This instills a feeling of competence that can carry over into their school work. Hard work is worthy of complimenting.
Goal Setting: Help your child set a personal goal and encourage him or her through the process of achieving it.

It is a very busy time of year but we do not want to miss those small opportunities to foster growth in our children while they are still young.


Kindergarten Field Trip (Green Meadows Farm)
Kindergarten recently visited Green Meadows Farm in Kissimmee. They had the opportunity to milk a cow, hold a baby chick, catch chickens, experience a hayride and even ride a pony! This was a wonderful way for kindergarten students to learn about the farm.
K Green Meadows - pic 1 Green Meadows Group Photo Green Meadows Farm - pic 4 Green Meadows Farm - pic 3 Green Meadows - pic 5 Green Meadows - Group photo


March Madness Winners
Congratulations to the winners of TFA’s March Madness reading incentive program. We have four undefeated teams! Mrs. Williams’ UNI Panthers, Mrs. Bell’s Butler Bulldogs, Mrs. Fitzgerald’s WV Mountaineers and Mr. Grosshans’ UF Gators will celebrate next week with a pizza party. Congratulations to all of the classes for earning more than 13,000 points in the five week period!

Uniform Resale
We need your gently used uniforms! Donations boxes will be available at the LS/MS/US front desk April 20th-24th. Seniors, please donate your uniforms 7:30-9:30AM on Friday, April 24th in the collection boxes at Student Center parking lot. The uniform resale will be held on the following dates in room 112 at the Student Center:

Monday afternoon April 27th – 2:00-4:00PM
Tuesday morning April 28th – 7:45-9:30AM

Please contact Louise Walsh at 407-341-1118 or if there are any questions.


Alternative Lunch Day (April 14th)
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 is an Alternative Lunch Day. K-Prep through 4th grade students must bring a lunch from home. 5th and 6th grade students may purchase a Chick-Fil-A lunch from the Upper School SGA for $5.50. The Chick-fil-A meal will include:

1 Chick-fil-A sandwich
Extra sandwiches will be offered for an additional $3.50

To order the Chick-fil-A alternative lunch, visit Please submit all orders by Friday, April 10, 2015 at 3:00pm.

You will receive a confirmation email from the TFA Finance office confirming receipt of payment upon paying for your child’s order. There isn’t an option to order for multiple students at this time. Students will pick up their orders in the gymnasium lobby on April 14th. Please remember that if you do not wish to order the Chick-fil-A alternative lunch, students are welcome to bring a lunch from home.


K-6 Standardized Testing Dates
Parents, please mark your calendars for the following K-6th grade Standardized Testing dates: April 27th – April 30th.

LS Evening at the Arts – Save the Date!
The Lower School Evening at the Arts will present the musical, The Music Man, Jr. (presented by 4th-6th grade students) and a K-Prep-6th grade Art Show on May 8th and 9th. Mark your calendars, today as you won’t want to miss one of these talent-packed evenings!


Lower School Parking Lot
As we approach the end of the year, please note a few reminders regarding the Lower School parking lot:
The safest and preferred way to drop off and pick up your child(ren) is to use the designated carline.
An adult must escort students to and from the parking lot. For their safety, we cannot permit students to walk to a parked car. Parents, if you are parked, please walk up and pick up your child(ren).
Handicapped parking is designated for families or visitors who have an appropriate sticker or sign. These spots are for parking and escorting your children in.

Thank you for partnering with us to make arrival and dismissal a safe process for everyone.


Health Clinic Reminders
Parents, the following are health clinic reminders from the Parent-Student Handbook:

Please keep your children home if they are sick. They may return once they have been symptom-free for 24 hours without the use of medication. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, or fever (p. 66)

Students are NOT to transport medications to or from school. Parents must deliver the medications to the Clinic Aide and fill out the appropriate form(s) (p. 67)

The clinics do not administer medication unless it has been provided by the parents (p. 67)

Services provided by the clinics include first aid, managing medical emergencies, and monitoring ill students until a parent arrives to pick them up. If your child needs a medical evaluation, please take them to their pediatrician (p. 66)


Parent Volunteer Background Check
If you are a new parent and would like to volunteer in your child(ren)’s classroom(s) or attend upcoming field trips please click HERE to submit your information for a free background check.


TFA Calendar Link
The TFA Calendar is a wonderful way of finding the dates of upcoming events. Please click HERE to access the TFA Calendar on our website.

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