Lower School Newsletter, Week of 9/25

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are some important dates that you do not want to miss:

• September 26th – Regular School Day
• October 1st-31st – Pastor Appreciation Month
• October 2nd – Special K4-6th Gr. Chapel (FH) 8:45AM
• October 10th – End of 1st Quarter 12:15 PM Dismissal
• October 13th – No School – Student Holiday/Teacher Workday
• October 14th – Portrait Retakes
• October 20th-25th – Homecoming Week


“Praying Circles Around Your Children” By Mark Batterson

“So we have continued praying for you ever since we first heard about you.” Colossians 1:9

As my husband and I were blessed with the news of each of our five children we began praying for them. We prayed that God would keep them safe during the pregnancy, that they would be born healthy and that God would guide us as parents, as we nurtured them throughout their lives. During one pregnancy it was discovered that our child had kidneys that were not developing correctly. Of course as Christian parents we began praying for our child’s healing. It was a long four months until the delivery when we found the full extent of the defect. There were many trips to the specialist, tests, and surgeries that were all bathed with prayers. I cannot tell you the number of times I cried out to God to let me take the burden, to spare our child. However, it wasn’t until I realized, as our author puts it, “Prayer is the way we take our hands off and place our children in the hands of God,” that I saw His answers to our prayers. You see we had moved to Little Rock, Arkansas prior to the birth of our child. Located there in Children’s Hospital is the country’s leading pediatric surgeon who not only had performed this surgery hundred’s of times, but also trained other doctors in how to perform the procedure. God was providing a healing miracle, not in the way I thought, but in His plan.
As you continue to pray for your children, know that there are times you will pray until your knees become stiff and you wonder if God is hearing you. Ponder on our author’s comment, “We instinctively attach an ASAP to every prayer and ask God to answer as soon as possible. We need a paradigm shift. We need to start praying ALAT prayers – as long as it takes. That’s what praying circles is all about.” Praying for you as you read chapter 2 of “Praying Circles Around Your Children.”


Please be note that tomorrow, (Friday, September 26th) is a normal school day.


Parents, the following is a list of chapel dates and times for the month of October:
October 2nd – Grades K4-6 Chapel 8:45AM (FH)
October 9th – Grades K4-K Chapel 9:00AM (MWC)
October 16th – Grades 1-3 Chapel 9:00AM (HC)
October 23rd – No Chapel
October 30th – Grades 4-6 Chapel 8:45AM (HC)


Approximately 175 students, parents and faculty gathered in the Alumni Commons to pray for TFA, friends, family, community and country. The event was organized by 6th Grade Homeroom Representatives: Georgia Cash, Kinsey Campbell, Julianne Losacco, Madison McMullen and Caleb Whitaker. We look forward to continuing this great tradition.

See You At the Pole See You At the Pole1

Let’s join in the fun and celebrate together as family of The First Academy. October 20th-25th is Spirit Week at Lower School. Spirit dress code for the week includes:
• TFA T-shirts (uniform, sports team, fine arts, camp, etc.)
• Appropriate bottoms (uniform shorts or pants, jeans, jeans shorts or jean skirts)
• Regular dress code for shoes apply

This year, students may wear the following fun items on the designated day:
• Monday – Lion Day: Students may bring a stuffed/toy lion
• Tuesday – Sock Day: Students may wear funny socks
• Wednesday – Glasses Day: Students may wear fun glasses of their choice
• Thursday – Hat Day: Students may wear a fantastic fun hat
• Friday – Blue & Gold Day: Students may wear blue and gold spirit wear if they do not have a
• Homecoming t-shirt

Lower School will have a Pep Rally from 9:50AM-10:20 AM in the Gym on Friday, this will be another time to celebrate and support each other.


The Accelerated Reader 1st quarter deadline is Wednesday, October 8th. Please encourage your child to meet his/ her goal before Wednesday, October 8th.


Quarterly Recognition
Students will be recognized in their classrooms each quarter in accordance with their Percent Clubs.
• Students who meet their goal (100% or higher) will receive a certificate for achieving their goal.
• Teachers will continue to recognize AR in their individual classrooms using their own incentive systems.
• Students who reach 200% or more above their goal will receive a certificate for their corresponding club and will receive a school-based incentive.
• Students will be visually recognized in the Boyd Moline Library Media Center by their corresponding Percent Clubs (200%, 300%, etc.).

End-of-the Year Recognition
• All students who achieve 200% or higher of their Yearly AR point goal will be recognized.
• Students do not have to be at 200% or higher each quarter but must average 200% or higher for all 4 quarters.


Parents, K4-12th grades will be collecting shoeboxes for Haiti October 1st-20th. Please pray as to how your family can help donate shoeboxes filled with items that will be a blessing to the children in Haiti. Lower School’s divisional goal is to donate 500 shoeboxes to New Missions to transport to students in Haiti. The following is a list of items that you and your child can use when purchasing items to donate: 1. School supplies: pens, pencils & sharpener, markers, spiral notebooks, solar calculator, rulers, erasers, etc.
2. Hygiene items: toothbrush, toothpaste, bar soap, washcloth, hand towel, hairbrush, comb, nail file and clippers, deodorant, etc.
3. Clothing: socks, underwear, lightweight clothing (t-shirts, sundresses, shorts with elastic waist), flip-flops, sandals, ball caps, sun visors, sunglasses, etc.
4. Other items: Christmas card for the child who will receive your shoebox, photo of your family, wristwatch, hair accessories, harmonica, costume jewelry, flashlight (with extra batteries or solar powered/wind-up), compact umbrella, etc.
5. Small toys: coloring books, crayons, dolls, small cars, dominoes, playing cards, jump ropes, balls (deflated with a small pump & needle for a soccer ball or basketball), yo-yo’s, stuffed animals, stickers, marbles, checkers, Etch A Sketch, etc.
6. Kindly include a $7 donation to help cover the cost of shipping. Simply enclose a check payable to New Missions. Please do not send cash. Click HERE for more information.


Don’t forget to purchase your yearbook at Hurry don’t miss out!


6th grade girls Bible Study, “A Daughter’s Worth” will begin soon! This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to grow in Christ. Have your daughter sign up at the LS Front Desk if she is interested. Please note there is a minimal fee of $14.00 to cover the cost of the book for this Bible Study.


Please click HERE to access the TFA Calendar on our website. TFA Calendar is a wonderful way of keeping you and your family informed of upcoming events.


Did you know that prospective families can text the letters TFA to 292929 and Admissions will call them? Thank you for sharing why you love TFA and helping us connect with future Royals!