Lower School Newsletter, Week of Jan. 14

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are some important dates that you do not want to miss:
January 15th – 6th Grade Field Trip to Animal Kingdom
January 18th – Martin Luther King Day – Student Holiday/Teacher Professional Development Day
January 19th – LS EATA Alice in Wonderland Jr. Auditions
January 21st – KPrep On Campus Field Trip – Gatorland
January 21st – LS EATA Alice in Wonderland Jr. Auditions
January 22nd – LS EATA Alice in Wonderland Jr. Audition – Tentative Call Back Date
January 22nd – 4th Grade Field Trip to St. Augustine
January 26th – Kindergarten 100th Day of School
January 29th – 1st Grade Field Trip to Orlando Science Center


The following is a list of chapel dates and times for January and February:
January 28th – K4-5th Grade Chapel-Mrs. Camblin’s Class Presentation 8:45-9:25AM (Faith Hall)
February 4th – K4-5th Grade Chapel-Mrs. F. Williams’ Class Presentation 8:45-9:25AM (Faith Hall)
February 18th – K4-5th Grade Chapel-Mrs. Lamp’s Class Presentation 8:45-9:25AM (Faith Hall)
February 25th – K4-5th Grade Chapel-Mrs. Dvorak’s Class Presentation 8:45-9:25AM (Faith Hall)


Calling all students who like to sing, act, dance, and hang out with their friends at the same time! Auditions for the Lower School Evening at the Arts production of Alice in Wonderland Jr. begin next week. With this opportunity just around the corner, I wanted to encourage you to think about the large role that the fine arts can play in the life of a student. There are all kind of statistics out there about the positive benefits of all different types of fine arts including the visual arts as well as performing arts. In the book, Teach Your Children Well; A Teacher’s Advice for Parents, the author Jay Davidson shares some interesting statistics. Students who are involved in a quality after-school fine arts program when compared to a national sample of students have been found:

My favorite thing to see is a student who has never done a play or musical before audition and absolutely love it. It’s really one of those things where you won’t really know unless you try. Look for audition information under New This Week below.
Another great opportunity available right now is the Royal Academy or Arts and Enrichment. This series of after school programs includes a variety of activities including dance, ceramics, coding, and even Legos! There are so many benefits to the programs that are offered. Also, it is convenient because the students go right after school and require no additional driving! If you are interested in signing your child up for a class, please use the following link:


Mrs. Fox’s Chapel Presentation-“Seeking Christ After Christmas”
During our first chapel back to school, Mrs. Fox’s Class took on a new approach to making New Year’s Resolutions. The first graders dressed up as Wise men ready to bring their gifts to Jesus, but grew sad and confused when they learned that Christmas had already passed. During the presentation, they learned that just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean that Jesus is no longer with them! The Bible tells us that the Lord is with us wherever we go. After learning this, the first grade Wise men shared with Lower School the “gifts of the heart” that they would bring to Jesus during 2016. The first graders concluded chapel by challenging the Lower School to start the New Year by remembering that Christ was the greatest gift that we will ever receive.

The word Lower School will study in chapel this month is gratitude, which means, “letting others know you see how they’ve helped you”. Jesus helped us in the most important way by dying on the cross for our sins. A gift we can continually give back to Jesus is gratitude for being our savior. Remember, these gifts aren’t only meant to be given during Christmas time – these gifts are worth being given every day!
Chapel Picture2 Chapel1


3rd Grade Rocks!
There were some guest teachers last week helping to kick off the 3rd grade Rock Cycle Unit in science. Students in Mrs. Fitzgerald’s science class shared their extensive knowledge of the rock cycle in an introductory lesson for the 3rd grade students. Students were divided into groups of 4-5 and each group had a guest teacher present an introduction. The groups then rotated around until they had been introduced to each topic. The guest teachers focused on both verbal and tactile information about the following geological concepts:
Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks
­Igneous Rocks


The Rock Cycle
The guest teachers were well equipped with all of the information and vocabulary presented in the 3rd grade textbook so they helped to spark interest and lay a good foundation for the rest of the unit. They really enjoyed the hands-on components of the groups.
Rock Cycle 7 Rock Cycle 6 Rock Cycle 5 Rock Cycle 4 Rock Cycle 3 Rock Cycle 2 Rock Cycle 1


3rd and 6th Grade Bible Buddies
Our 3rd and 6th grade students met together last week for another Bible Buddy small group. Their focus verse was:
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new is here!”
2 Corinthians 5:17
The focus questions that the 6th graders discussed with the 3rd graders were:
What does ‘in Christ’ mean? (origin: Greek meaning)
What does ‘the old has gone’ mean? (origin: Greek meaning)
How can we live in the ‘new’ each day?
The students also shared their salvation story with their buddies. I think all of the teachers and students were thrilled to see the level of discussion taking place in the classrooms.


Last Open House-Sunday, February 21st from 2:00-4:00PM
Our current families are the best advertisement for TFA. Please consider inviting someone to join us for our last Open House event coming up on February 21st from 2:00-4:00PM. This is a great opportunity for them to see the campus and interact with our teachers as a first look at the school. Let’s share what we love!


Evening at the Arts-Auditions for Alice in Wonderland Jr.
Do you like to act? Do you like to sing? All 4th-6th grade students are invited to audition for our Lower School Evening at the Arts performance of Alice in Wonderland Jr. Be on the lookout for a Sign-Up Genius coming by email to all 4th-6th grade students and parents with available time slots. Auditions will be by appointment on one of the following dates:
Jan. 19 – 3:20-5:40
Jan. 21 – 3:20-5:40
Jan. 22 – 3:10-4:30 (callbacks if needed)


New Uniform Blazer for 6th-12th Grade
Are you looking for a new outerwear option for the cold weather months? Dennis Uniforms is now offering blazers for students in 6th-12th grade. You can order these online using the following link:
They are available for order from the TFA School Store also.
Girls Uniform Blazer Boys Uniform Blazer


Save the Date
1st Annual TFA Father Daughter Dance
“Winter Wonderland”
Grades 1 – 6
Friday, February 19, 2016
Country Club of Orlando
More information will follow but mark your calendars for this special date.


Purchase Your Yearbook Today
Your 2015-2016 TFA Legacy Yearbook is almost complete! Hurry while supplies last and purchase your book today at As always, our book covers Lower, Middle, and Upper School students.


Cold Weather Uniform Reminders
Parent-Student Handbook-Cold-Weather Dress (K4-12)
School uniform and school-approved outerwear must be worn on campus at all times. During extreme cold weather, the school will notify students and parents of Spirit Wear dress. Girls may not wear sweatpants, warm ups, etc. under skirts.
Only TFA outerwear may be worn on campus during school.


Parent Volunteer Background Check
If you are a new parent and would like to volunteer in your child(ren)’s classroom(s) or chaperone field trips please click HERE to submit your information for a free background check. Approvals take a few weeks so plan ahead! All parents must have a completed background check before volunteering or chaperoning a field trip.


TFA Calendar Link
The TFA Calendar is a wonderful way of finding the dates of upcoming events. Please click HERE to access the TFA Calendar on our website. We recommend that you subscribe to all relevant calendars so you can keep up with all of the events going on around the school.

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