Lower School Newsletter, Week of March 10

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are some important dates that you do not want to miss:
March 11th – Grandparent’s Day Program 8:30AM (LS Classrooms and Gym)
March 11th – 12:15 Dismissal/End of 3rd Quarter
March 11th – Boyd Moline Library Closes at 12:00PM
March 14th – 4th Quarter Begins
March 17th – 3rd Grade 50’s Day Celebration
March 18th – Lower School Varsity Softball Event
March 21st – 28th-Spring Break/Easter Break
April 1st – Kindergarten Field Trip to Green Meadows Farm
April 5th – Parent Association Meeting 8:15-9:45AM (Faith Hall 301)
April 7th – 8th-4th Grade Water Systems Field Trip
April 11 – 14th-LS/MS Standardized Testing
April 13th – TK Field Trip to Lukas Nursery


The following is a list of chapel dates and times for March and April:
March 17th – K4-5th Grade Chapel-Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Cline’s Class Presentation 8:45-9:25AM (Faith Hall)
March 31st – K4-5th Grade Chapel-Mrs. Combs’ Class Presentation 8:45-9:25AM (Faith Hall)
April 7th – K4-5th Grade Chapel- Miss Huckleberry’s Class Presentation 8:45-9:25AM (Faith Hall)
April 21st – K4-5th Grade Chapel-Mrs. Connell’s and Mrs. Williams’ Class Presentation 8:45-9:25AM (Faith Hall)
April 28th – K4-5th Grade Chapel-Mrs. Walton’s Class Presentation 8:45-9:25AM (Faith Hall)


Our character trait for the month of March is Conviction. With the students, we define conviction as standing for what is right even when others don’t. Two of our focus verses are the following:
Brothers and sisters, don’t ever get tired of doing what is good.
2 Thessalonians 3:13

But suppose you do suffer for doing what is right. Even then you will be blessed. Scripture says, “Don’t fear what others say they will do to hurt you. Don’t be afraid.”
1 Peter 3:14

It is challenging to demonstrate conviction and win a popularity contest. John the Baptist is a perfect example of conviction. He preached to the people about the coming of Jesus and despite their reactions, he remained committed to the calling. Our students have the opportunity to demonstrate conviction on a daily basis. Not only do they have the opportunity to share their love of Jesus with other people, but they also have the right to stand up for what is right in the classroom, on the playground, in Faith Hall or even at carline. Outside of school, they have even more opportunities. Let’s encourage one another to stand up for what is right . . . even if others don’t!


March Madness AR Reading Incentive-Week 3 Results
We are so excited by how many points our students earned during the third week of March Madness!!! Altogether, the classes who competed this week earned a total of 2,701 AR points, almost 700 points more than last week!!!! The following classes won their bracket for the week:

East Division
Smith’s Louisville Cardinals: 83.8
Dowling’s Florida Gators: 65.1

Agan’s Oregon Ducks: 60.8
Fox’s USC Trojans: 61.4

West Division
Schuessler’s Purdue Boilermakers: 52.0
Diehl’s Dayton Flyers: 57.8

Gooseman’s Arizona Wildcats: 31.0
Walton’s Texas Longhorns: 107.2

Combs’ Indiana Hoosiers: 169.8
Lamp’s UCF Knights: 123.7

South Division
Morrow’s Texas A&M Aggies: 33.0
Dvorak’s Wichita State Shockers: 64.8

Fitzgerald’s West Virginia Mountaineers: 67.5
Parmer’s Iowa State Cyclones: 15.0

Bell’s FSU Seminoles: 279.7
Camblin’s Kentucky Wildcats: 215.9

6th Grade Girls Technology Science Elective
The sixth grade girl’s tech science class finished their engineering project this week. Each coaster took 3 weeks to build, consisting of 3.1 feet of 500 pieces. This project helped reinforce the learning strategy of trial and error. Class of 2022 may have some possible engineers its future!
6th Grade 2 6th Grade 2

Mrs. Lamp’s STEM Project Winners
Third graders Coltin Dowling and Natalie Harris teamed together for a STEM challenge. They were given some general guidelines and simple materials with which to build a prototype car of the future that would be powered by wind. They tested their prototype out on the “test track” in the hallway and with one breath of wind it traveled 32 inches!
Lamp STEM Winner

Kindergarten Field House
Every day Ms. Burns’s kindergarten class has been so excited to see the dump trucks and diggers moving dirt for the field house construction. They have stood on the ramp to Faith Hall and watched the action every day on the way to and from lunch. One day this week while playing in Free Choice Centers, Cooper Shoultz and Aidan Merritt said, “Look Ms. Burns! We’re building the Field House!” They have prayed for this day for a long time.
Kindergarten Pic


Flu Symptoms
Over the past two weeks, we have had a number of students in the clinic with fever and other flu-like symptoms. Please remember that students should be fever-free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school. Not following this protocol puts other students at risk for illness. Let’s work together to keep all of our students as healthy as possible.

Boyd Moline Library Update
The Boyd Moline Library will be closed at 12:00 noon on Friday, March 11th due to early dismissal. Please make alternate plans or visit the library before 12:00 noon this Friday.

Grandparent T-Shirts (Now Available)
TFA Grandparent t-shirts are now available to order online. They are also available in the School Store. This is the perfect item to give to your child(ren)’s grandparents or special guests to wear on Grandparents Day. Any orders placed now will be delivered to your child’s classroom. Please use this link to place your order or visit the school store.
Insert Grandparent’s Day Shirt Logo Here

Standardized Testing-Mark Your Calendars
Our next round of standardized testing is right around the corner. Please mark your calendars for the following testing dates:
April 11th-14th- Terra Nova/CTP-4 K-6th Grade)
Please try to avoid planning any appointments or pre-arranged absences during on these important days.

Purchase Your Yearbook Today – Last Chance to Order
Time is running out to get your 2016 TFA Legacy Yearbook. There is a limited supply of books, and the deadline to order online is March 18th. The yearbook covers all of Lower School, including class photos, individual portraits, and special events! The book is $85 dollars online and is not guaranteed to be available after March 18th.
Go to to secure your book today! The TFA yearbook staff thanks you for your support.


Parent Volunteer Background Check
If you are a new parent and would like to volunteer in your child(ren)’s classroom(s) or chaperone field trips please click HERE to submit your information for a free background check. Approvals take a few weeks so plan ahead! All parents must have a completed background check before volunteering or chaperoning a field trip.

TFA Calendar Link
The TFA Calendar is a wonderful way of finding the dates of upcoming events. Please click HERE to access the TFA Calendar on our website. We recommend that you subscribe to all relevant calendars so you can keep up with all of the events going on around the school.

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