Middle School Newsletter, Week of 10/8

Please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you don’t want to miss for October.
October 9: End of 1st Quarter, Early Dismissal 12:15
October 12: Student Holiday
Oct 13-16: Homecoming Week
October 14: Standardized Assessments
October 15: MS Chapel- Abby Johnson
October 16: MS Homecoming Pep Rally
October 16: MS Homecoming Parade
October 16: MS Football Game


A Note from Dr. Luci Higgins
Intellectual discipline is not easy… When did something easy really provide the opportunity to truly “Grow in Wisdom”?

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

I couldn’t be prouder of the Magnificent Middle Schoolers for intentionally embracing TFA’s school year theme: “Grow In Wisdom”.
Throughout the past nine weeks, these hard-working young gentlemen and young ladies have adopted a new perspective on what being a successful learner is all about…

LEARNING is not simply knowing facts and figures; learning is UNDERSTANDING and APPLYING knowledge in a variety of ways.

Stay curious and determined! Second quarter begins on Tuesday.


Last week our middle school scholars heard a wonderful message from First Orlando’s Middle School Pastor Brandon Farris on “Love”. What a special treat for our students to have access to such superb spiritual teaching from First Baptist Orlando staff members.



Congratulations to the Middle School Football Team on their perfect undefeated 6-0 season and their 7th straight Conference Championship season.

The Royals averaged 40 points per game on offense and gave up an average of 8 points on defense.

Congratulations Royals on your perfect season!



Next week starts our Middle School Homecoming week full of fun activities.


Middle School Dress Up Days
Tuesday, October 13th- Team Jersey: Favorite College Team- t-shirts, jerseys. Wear with jeans or uniform bottoms.
Wednesday, October 14th- regular uniform day.
Thursday, October 15th- Wacky Wig and Hat Day: Wear a hat or wig and a TFA t-shirt with jeans or uniform bottom.
Friday, October 16th- Homecoming Day. Students may wear jeans and a 2015 Homecoming t-shirt, a TFA T-shirt or a uniform shirt.


Middle School Pep Rally
Join us as our for our annual Middle School Pep Rally on Friday October 16th in the Natalie Thomas Gym at 12:55-1:40pm as we celebrate our Middle School students and our TFA Homecoming week!


Homecoming Parade
The TFA annual Homecoming Parade will begin at 1:55pm on Friday October 16th at the conclusion of our Middle School Pep Rally. The parade route begins at First Orlando’s Welcome Center A and follows the loop road.


End of 1st Quarter
Friday October 9th is the last day of the first quarter! Early Dismissal will be at 12:15pm.


Student Holiday
Enjoy a student holiday on Monday October 12th – 2nd Quarter will begin October 13th.


Standardized Assessments
Wednesday October 14th is standardized assessments for our Middle School scholars. Our 7th graders will take the ERB test while our 8th graders will take the PSAT. Here are a couple helpful reminders for testing:
Get a good night’s rest
Eat a healthy breakfast
Be on time to school
Drink lots of water
Bring 2 sharpened #2 pencils
Bring your calculator ( iPad and iPhone calculators will not be permitted)
Important note- Testing will be during Homecoming week – students are to dress in TFA Uniforms for Standardized Assessments.


MS Chapel
Join us for our wonderful weekly Middle School Chapel. Abby Johnson the Girl’s Minister of First Orlando will be sharing with our students about “Kindness” next week on October 15th in First Orlando’s Henry Chapel beginning at 9:30am.
Middle School/Upper School Carline

Right Lane is for drop off and pick up–Left Lane is for Leaving
All cars are expected to pull up to the designated area (on the Student Center side ) of the drive thru lane (we will utilize the entire loop). This will enable us to stack many more cars and get them off of the tennis area and JYP/PSAC roadways.
To facilitate student safety, we will only permit drop off and pick up from the right lane. The left lane is for leaving.
*The only exception for not pulling through all the way to the designated point would be on bad weather days.

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