Middle School Newsletter, Week of 11/12

Please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you don’t want to miss for November/December.

Nov 19th: MS Chapel – Henry Chapel
Nov 23-27: Thanksgiving Break MS Office Closed
December 1: PA Meeting
December 2: Launch 2020- Rising 9th Students
December 3: Launch 2020- Rising 9th Parents
December 4: Middle School Haiti Boxes Due
December 7 & 8: Haiti Box Packing/Sorting


Thinks & Thoughts – Dr. Luci Higgins
I never thought that this is where I’d settle down
I thought I’d die an old man back in my hometown
They gave me this plot of land
Me and some other men
For a job well done
There’s a big white house, sits on a hill, just up the road
The man inside, he cried the day they brought me home
They folded up a flag
And told my mom and dad
“We’re proud of your son”
And I’m proud to be on this peaceful piece of property
I’m on sacred ground, and I’m in the best of company
I’m thankful for those thankful for the things I’ve done
I can rest in peace, I’m one of the chosen ones
I made it to Arlington
I remember Daddy brought me here when I was eight
We searched all day to find out where my granddad lay
When we finally found that cross
He said “Son, this is what it costs
To keep us free”
Now here I am, a thousand stones away from him
He recognized me on the first day I came in
And it gave me a chill
When he clicked his heels
And saluted me
And I’m proud to be on this peaceful piece of property
I’m on sacred ground, and I’m in the best of company
And I’m thankful for those thankful for the things I’ve done
I can rest in peace, I’m one of the chosen ones
I made it to Arlington
And every time I hear twenty-one guns
I know they brought another hero home to us
We’re thankful for those thankful for the things we’ve done
We can rest in peace, ’cause we are the chosen ones
We made it to Arlington
Yeah, dust to dust
Don’t cry for us
We made it to Arlington

-Trace Adkins


Our 8th Grade students visited Arlington National Cemetery and placed flowers on graves of relatives as well as thanked veterans for their service! ‪

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MS Chapel
Join us for our Middle School weekly chapel beginning at 9:30am in Henry Chapel November 19th. Our guest speaker will be Pastor JD Cope of First Orlando. We will also be treated to the wonderful worship of the TFA Sapphires. We hope to see you there.


Thanksgiving Break
Enjoy a wonderful week with family and friends as TFA will be closed for the week of Thanksgiving 11/23-11/127. Happy Thanksgiving!


PA Meeting
The December PA Meeting will be held in Faith Hall 301 beginning at 8:15am on 12/1. Please join us to learn more about upcoming events at The First Academy.


Launch 2020- Rising 9th Grade Student Event
Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, all 8th grade students will attend the Rising 9th Grade Student Event-Launch 2020 (your child’s graduating year) during middle school lunch. We’re excited to share information about your child’s transition from Middle to Upper School. Your 8th graders will get to participate in an interactive game and hear valuable information from our Upper School administrators and guidance team.

Chick-fil-a sandwiches will be provided for lunch; we encourage students with allergies to bring their own lunches.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Gooseman: or 407.206.8659.


Launch 2020- Rising 9th Grade Parent Event
We look forward to partnering with you as your son/daughter begins his/her transition to the Upper School at The First Academy!

Please save the date below and join us for an informative event called Launch 2020 (your student’s graduation year!). Launch 2020 will help you learn more about our Upper School and all that it has to offer as your son/daughter prepares for college. Each year since TFA’s first graduating class in 1994, 100% of our students have been accepted to multiple colleges of their choice. The Class of 2015 was awarded $17.2M in scholarship offers as well!

When: Thursday, December 3rd
Time: Speakers begin at 1:30pm. Event concludes at 2:30pm.
Where: Begins in the Upper School

Agenda: Insightful information will be shared by the US Principal, Directors of Christian Leadership, Guidance and College Placement, US Students and a Parent. Then, student-led tours will take you to through the Upper School to learn about 9th grade classes with a curriculum overview by the respective teachers.


Haiti Boxes Deadline
The MS deadline for the Haiti Shoebox drive is December 4th. Our wonderful PA MS Parents will be packing and sorting boxes on Monday/Tuesday 12/7 & 12/8.


Middle School/Upper School Carline
Right Lane is for drop off and pick up–Left Lane is for Leaving.
All cars are expected to pull up to the designated area (on the Student Center side ) of the drive thru lane (we will utilize the entire loop). This will enable us to stack many more cars and get them off of the tennis area and JYP/PSAC roadways.
To facilitate student safety, we will only permit drop off and pick up from the right lane. The left lane is for leaving.
*The only exception for not pulling through all the way to the designated point would be on bad weather days.

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