To watch Natalie Holter teach, one might think you are watching a Drama or Theater instructor. Not quite. You are watching an animated Advanced Placement English Literature instructor introducing the character Darcy from Pride and Prejudice to her senior TFA students.

Ms. Holter joined the TFA Upper School faculty in 2011 and has been enticing students to become familiar with numerous characters and plots in the history of English Literature ever since.

Ms. Holter holds an undergraduate degree from Yale University and obtained her Master’s Degree from Rollins College. In August, she will earn her Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. She is incorporating technology in to the completion of her dissertation by creating an eBook. The eBook will be an electronic manual to help students prepare individually for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT and PSAT.

When not teaching at TFA or working on her dissertation, Ms. Holter teaches 4 online Humanities courses at Valencia College as a Digital Associate Professor. She also enjoys reading, attending plays, museums, movies and music concerts. Fortunately, most of these can include her 2 children who also attend TFA.

HolterReadingLast year she had each one of her classes create a senior study guide using iMovie. As a collaborative project, each class created a review unit on one of the elements of the AP English Literature exam. This project assisted all AP English Literature students in preparing for the exam.

As part of their senior thesis, students must include a presentation using a visual aide. Most students will use their iPad and the software Keynote to present their thesis.

When asked what Ms. Holter found as the greatest reward for being a teacher, she said, “My greatest reward is watching students discover their intelligence and ability, and then using those skills to be successful in the world. I actually think of it as my calling from Christ.”