Practical Wisdom for Families

Written By: Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

On the night of All Family Worship, we heard from three wonderful pastors. These men are great leaders and they are tremendous friends of The First Academy. As we began the new school year, I asked them to share some practical wisdom on Growing in Wisdom – our school year theme.

Take a few minutes to watch this short video again and create a plan to implement their suggestions with your family. We were not able to include all of what we wanted to communicate in the video. I’ve woven in some of the extra comments they made in the paragraphs below.

TFA_Theme Of The Year from Shawn Vela on Vimeo.

Pastor Jim Henry focused on . . . Growing in Wisdom: A Dynamic Community

When Pastor Henry started TFA, he had a vision for a Christ-centered as well as an academically excellent community. While he expected the majority of our families to come from a Christian background, he always wanted the school to be a place that welcomed those who were searching for Truth in hopes that they might find the joy of salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus.


Bishop Allen Wiggins focused on . . . Growing in Wisdom: A Family Affair

He talked about his experiences at TFA with his wife and three sons. He said the secret to making the most of this experience was three-fold. First, families must learn together by making academics a high priority. Second, he encouraged us to laugh together. Finally, he challenged us to learn to love together. By doing these things – learn, laugh, love – he suggested we would all be stronger together.


Pastor David focused on . . . Growing in Wisdom: A Journey of Faith

He suggested several ways in which we could strengthen our faith as a family. He encouraged us to connect with our teachers, as they are deeply devoted followers of Christ who are here to help us on our journey. He also encouraged us to explore God’s Word and to build upon what our kids are learning in Bible classes. Finally, he encouraged us to worship as a family – he invited those of us who didn’t have a church home to visit First Baptist Orlando. He underscored what Pastor Jim Henry said about TFA being a lighthouse. His vision for our school is that we continue to reach out to Christian and non-Christian families who are searching for Truth.


I trust the insight provided by these Godly men will be a blessing in your life. Let’s link arms this year and Grow in Wisdom!


Steve D. Whitaker, Ph.D.
Head of School





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