“Project Dear Governor”

“Project: Dear Governor”
A respectful and creative appeal for the protection of
faith-based adoption agencies, by vetoing HB-7013.

A project of:
Florida Family Action
4853 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806 * 407-418-0250 *

To providing a sincere, public, overwhelming and positive message to Governor Scott, urging him to “VETO HB-7013” the legislation that now threatens Florida’s faith-based adoption and foster care agencies. This goal will be reached by providing Governor Scott with a large number of hand-made artwork from kids all over Florida with handwritten messages asking the Governor to protect Florida’s children by vetoing HB-7013 and ask the legislature to send the bill back with conscience protection. Each page of art represents a child in foster care or a child who was adopted by one of thousands of Floridians through a faith-based child placement agency.

HB-7013 (the “Adoption Reform Bill”) began as positive legislation, because it provided financial incentives for special needs adoptions in Florida. However, during the legislative process, a bad amendment was attached to the bill that removed from Florida law, language that protected the religious and moral convictions of faith-based adoption and foster care agencies. If HB 7013 is signed into law by Governor Scott, it is only a matter of time before Florida’s faith-based adoption and foster care agencies will come under legal attack and have to close their doors simply because they have a preference for placing children with married mothers and fathers. Faith-based child placement agencies have already ceased doing business in Illinois, Massachusetts, ­­­and Washington, D.C., due to overwhelming litigation and legal issues alleging discrimination.

Faith-based adoption and foster care agencies should be able to continue to provide services for Florida’s children, consistent with their deeply held convictions and religious beliefs. This is why we ask you to join with us in “Project Dear Governor.”

If the Governor does veto this bad adoption reform bill HB-7013, the Florida Legislature can easily pass this bill again in 2016 (without the botched amendment) & send it back to the Governor as a good bill.

Two Part Plan:

Have school aged children who can write and draw (likely in 3rd-6th Grades) in Sunday schools, home schools, private schools, and public schools to use crayons and simply draw a picture of a family and a house on an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper and write the following on the top of the page: “DEAR GOVERNOR SCOTT, PLEASE PROTECT CHILDREN AND VETO HB-7013.”

If possible, ask the parents of those children to write on their child’s artwork their “full name, registered voter, and the county they live in”. EX: “John Smith, registered voter, Orange County”

Pastors of churches can encourage grade school Sunday school teachers within their congregation to actively participate in this heartfelt and critical campaign, and have children in your congregation create a simple artwork with the above included.

Then if possible, mount pages of artwork to a bright or dark colored poster board or post several on science-project-like exhibit boards. (See enclosed sample attached above)

Large quantities of art pages can be clipped together in binder clips.



If the art can be created immediately it can be mailed via priority or overnight for delivery by Saturday May 9, 2015 to Florida Family Action, 4853 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806. Mailed art must be received by Saturday May 9 or else it cannot be used.


Designate someone from your congregation to be the “Pony Express” and gather the artwork and drop it off on or before Sunday evening, May 10, at the Florida Family Action’s Orlando office: 4853 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32806. Someone will be there through 10:00pm and after 10:00pm there is a mail slot in the door to drop in the art pages or rolled up cardboard sheets with the art attached.


For those who are able and willing to take the day off we encourage you to personally drive up and deliver these stirring visual petitions personally to Tallahassee on Monday, May 11, 2015, and stand with us in a press conference or outside the building on the sidewalks bringing awareness to the critical importance of protecting faith-based adoption and foster care agencies. NOTE: We will only have designated leaders speak. Most attending will not speak.

If you are joining us in Tallahassee…

·Please meet us in Kleman Plaza at 2pm, on Monday, May 11. Kleman Plaza is located just above the city’s main public parking garage. The address for the parking garage is: 200 South Duval Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301
·We suggest parking in the Kleman Plaza parking garage, however, there are several other parking options in Tallahassee’s downtown. Please see the following link for additional parking options:
·We will meet at the Kleman Plaza then walk together to the Press Center (336 East College Avenue # 203, Tallahassee, FL) 4 blocks away for a press conference at 3:00pm. Others will fan out and stand on the sidewalks up College Avenue, down Monroe Street, and across the capitol breezeway and if there are enough people, we will line the hallways of the Capitol all the way to the entrance of the Governor’s office. At 3:30pm after the press event, we will walk together in a solemn procession to the Governor’s Office in the Capitol to deliver all the artwork to his office.
·Children are welcome and preferred and we would like to have as many children holding these posters as possible along with their parents.
·The tone of this event is personal, peaceful and respectful appealing to the authority of the Governor to do the right thing and “Veto HB- 7013”

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