RAAE Students learn about Jesus from a Teacup!


Mrs. Collins shared the entire gospel and Christian walk with the RAAE Ceramics students through creation of a pot on the potter’s wheel! From the creation of Adam from Terra Cotta (Red Clay), to God’s purpose for each of us, RAAE students K-2nd Grade learned about God’s love through the story of a teacup. They learned through creating that there are many types of vessels, each different, but necessary…even the dirtiest one used to hold the water poured out to make the others! While on the wheel, the Potter’s perspective is of the teacup’s heart, but students watching see only its outward appearance. As students moved near to the Potter, they had a better view of the teacup on the wheel, seeing the heart as the Potter sees it.

While making their own pots, students experienced the importance of being centered in God’s will to obtain His purpose, and what happens when we struggle against Him. Just like the clay on the wheel, if we do not stay centered in Him, we become unbalanced and unstable. After completing their works, students witnessed the firing process of the kiln, relating it to the refining fire of the Holy Spirit, seen in the loving discipline of our parents and teachers. How it would be uncomfortable if the clay were alive, as we…the clay…are alive, but how critical the process is to make us strong. It is only then that we reach the ultimate purpose God created us for!

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