Yosemite and iOS 8 – a match made in Heaven

One of the most difficult decisions I have living on the cutting edge of technology is to know when to upgrade to the new operating systems when they are released. Sometimes, I get lucky because I’m also upgrading to a new phone, tablet or computer and it’s a seamless process. But more times than not, I find myself upgrading to the latest software on my current devices. I have been burned more times than I’d like to admit by upgrading on... Read More.

Upgrading to iOS 8

You've likely noticed the red notification on your iPad's Settings app reminding you to upgrade to the latest version of iOS. For some, this update comes as a relief; while for others, this seems like... Read More.

How to Subscribe to a Web Calendar

With over 100 million people having access to handheld calendars on a daily bases, it's a wonder that less than 1% of those users regularly attend to them. Even more so, calendar users routinely... Read More.

Top Five Educational Apps

Ok, I know in this digital age, everybody has a top five educational app list. So, I am finally biting the bullet and creating my own top five app list that I use in the classroom. Just a little... Read More.