Michele Smith Teacher Spotlight

Between Language Arts and Yearbook, Mrs. Michele Smith has a busy schedule. Her career started as a reporter at a small television station in Birmingham; after working the ranks and become an Anchor, Mrs. Smith took a job with WKMG as a Meteorologist. Ten years of long hours, intense deadlines, and grown kids prompt her to look into a change of career. Michele took a teaching position with Olympia High School instructing Intensive Reading. Mrs... Read More.

Natalie Holter Teacher Spotlight

To watch Natalie Holter teach, one might think you are watching a Drama or Theater instructor. Not quite. You are watching an animated Advanced Placement English Literature instructor introducing the... Read More.

Stats Superstar Julie de la Fe

tatistically speaking, Julie de la Fe is an outlier. Her teaching methods are not mean and the majority of her students would say her teaching style is highly correlated with academic and real... Read More.

Robyn Sturgeon Teacher Spotlight

One of the most tasking responsibilities of a Christian school is to attract qualified, long term substitutes on short notice. Ask our Business Facilitator, he'll tell you, "there's no room for... Read More.

Dave Oliver Teacher Spotlight

Mr. David Oliver is known around The First Academy wearing multiple hats. He is the Upper School Anatomy Teacher, Head Coach of the Lacrosse team, as well as the Strength and Conditioning Coach... Read More.

Terri Morabito Teacher Spotlight

Walking into Terri Morabito’s Upper School classroom, you get the feeling that you’ve just walked into a production studio. You have! There are large screen Mac computers lining the classroom with... Read More.

Neil Harrison Teacher Spotlight

In the halls and about the TFA campus, Neil Harrison is mild mannered and unassuming. In personal conversation, he is not a person anyone would likely consider garrulous, but when he speaks it is... Read More.

Marsha Brown Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Marsha Brown is a member of the TFA Upper School Science Department. Brown teaches AP, Honors, and College Prep Chemistry courses. She is a passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated teacher who... Read More.