TCS Newsletter, Week of 10/1

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:
• October 13 – TCS History/Geography Fair K-9th
• October 13 – End of 1st Quarter
• October 14 – PSAT Testing for Grades 9-11th
• October 13-17 – Homecoming Week


A Message from Sarah Donovan, Principal of Extended Educational Programs
We are blessed to have our programs reside in God’s house both spiritually and physically. The First Baptist Church Orlando is a home for our programs. The staff and church family at FBCO provides a strong foundation for our Extended Educational Programs. October celebrates Pastor Appreciation Month, and each Extended Educational Program will be showing their gratitude to our amazing pastor team at FBCO. Won’t you join us in sending love and appreciation their way? A online sign up link is being sent out for a Pastor Appreciation Breakfast to TCS and TFH families, being held on Tuesday, October 6th. The Early Learning Center has created personalized thank you’s in their ME classes with Miss Mary. We pray that our pastors, and all of the FBCO team, know how love and appreciated they are each and every day by our TEEP family!

Sarah Donovan


Kadejah McCoy


Kadejah is just finishing her first quarter here at TCS. Even in this short time, she has come to love being surrounded by like-minded people who want to live a Christian lifestyle. She has found everyone welcoming, and she has been especially pleased to see the teachers’ genuine desire to educate and motivate students in academics and lifestyle.

While she has not been here long, her favorite memory is teaching Hispanic Heritage month. She played several popular songs in Spanish and translated them for the students. Students later mentioned getting some of the songs stuck in their heads.

Ms. McCoy will vacation anywhere as long as it is with family. She was born in Florida but raised in Arkansas, so her country accent sometimes comes out when she is talking. She enjoys watching Netflix, and she loves singing, dancing, and acting. Her secret obsession is Disney movies.


A Devotional Message from PJ Wehry, Academic Advisor and Bible Teacher
As we draw near to the close of our first quarter, I want to encourage our families, not just students, but also our parents to remember that finding wisdom is hard work. As it says in Proverbs 2, “If you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.” Many find it easy to start coasting after the initial excitement of the new school year. It is when our muscles hurt and our breathing is ragged that we start to build endurance and strength. Wisdom is no different. We must continue to push ourselves, seeking after wisdom and thirsting after knowledge, because we know that our Father who is the giver of all good gifts will not refuse us the good gift of wisdom.


National Honors Society

We were pleased to induct the following students from TCS into the National Honors Society- Ciara Ceballos, Danielle Drummond, Melisa Mason, Chris Olsson, Jordan Powell, Angelica Streetman, Gatlin Thornton, Dean Childers, Grace Gaffney, Krystal Jimenez, Haley Porter, Caitlin Riley, and Trey West.


Tower of Babel Project
Mrs. Sherry had a particularly inventive way to teach the Tower of Babel to students this week. “In order for the students to understand how self centered and prideful humans are, we had a building experiment. I set up two teams with different building materials, cards and blocks. The object was to see how high you could build a tower without talking and working together in groups. However, some tried to make it on their own thinking they had the perfect plan. Our conclusion was that the people in the Bible had cards and God allowed the project to crumble. The people of today have the more advanced materials and equipment (blocks) but still without effective communication, the help of God, and the people he puts in our paths, the project will not succeed.”


Science and Geography Fairs
This year we will be modifying our Science and Geography Fairs. Students in grades 6-8 will only be completing the Science Fair, while students in grades K-5 will be only doing the Geography Fair. More details will be sent from the classroom teachers.


Please take a few moments to verify and update your contact, emergency, and pickup information in RenWeb. This is our primary method of regular communication so it is important that we have
accurate information on each student.


Field Trip Info
We are excited to share with you our scheduled TCS Field Trips for this school year. Please see the attached document for a description of the event. All Fall semester field trips are currently open for registration (with the exception of a couple waiting to be updated online).

To register, please visit the link below, which can also be found by visiting The Classical School’s website page from The First Academy’s homepage.

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