$1 Million Man

Written By: Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

“Steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty.”
Proverbs 21:5

In the early ‘80s a young business leader in Orlando was captivated by the vision of an organization that was focused on reaching children in the most troubled neighborhoods in Orlando. After a time of reflection he made a commitment to come alongside the leaders at Frontline Outreach to make a difference in this community.

He wasn’t trying to make headlines and he didn’t want to call attention to himself. He was simply responding to a call on his life to be a positive influence for God’s Kingdom. Like the boy in Mark 6:41, Bill Dillard gave his “five loaves and two fishes” humbly, trusting that something good might happen as a result of his obedience.

He knew that he had a passion to help children and he knew he had some friends who loved to play the game of golf. With those two simple ingredients he launched the first Annual Frontline Outreach Golf Tournament in 1985. With sincere faith and some steady plodding, Bill’s investment has done more than feed a multitude. It has provided education, mentoring, clothing and life change for hundreds of disadvantaged youths.

Next week at the 30th Annual Frontline Outreach Golf Tournament we will celebrate a historic milestone. This year Bill Dillard will raise his ONE MILLIONTH DOLLAR on behalf of the children of Washington Shores and the ministry of Frontline Outreach.

While we celebrate the generosity of this $1 million man, we also rejoice as we see the good work that continues at Frontline Outreach. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve on their Board of Directors and I’m excited to see The First Academy continue to invest in our partnership with this outstanding organization. If you would like more information about the work of Frontline Outreach, you may visit their website at If you would like to support the golf tournament you may give my office a call at (407) 206-8601.



Steve Whitaker



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