The Classical School Blog, Week of May 4th


Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:

A Message from Sarah Donovan, Principal of Extended Educational Programs

What does technology look like at The Extended Educational Programs of TFA? So glad you asked! This year we have really experienced growth with Technology Trailblazers at TCS and The First Hope. If you walk into Lori Shipley or Susan Gentry’s TCS classrooms any given Tuesday or Thursday, you will see Nearpod being used. This tech tool is designed for teachers to create, engage, and assess through a plethora of multi-media resources. We also started launching the use of Canvas, a learning management system that provides a ‘one stop shop’ for middle and high school class’s toolbox and resources.


Emma Bachman, The First Hope teacher, says “It’s awesome, I am so grateful for Proloquo 2 Go” in her classroom. This tech tool assists students with communication. What was once a non-verbal interaction has turned into a conversation! You will also see the use of Osmo in The First Hope classrooms, an educational games system that yields high engagement with high learning.


And what about the Preschool? Grayson Merritt shared in her TFA Preschool Blog The American Academic of Pediatrics updated recommendation with early childhood media usage. This included no use prior to the age of 18 months and very limited from the ages of 2-5 years old (1 hour per day). TFA’s Preschool focuses on purposeful play and self-regulation so that when they enter their formal schooling years, they have the ability to focus on both technology and face to face presentations. Grayson’s blog link is below for more information:



For more information on these technology tools, please explore the links below.



Kindergarten students make use of technology in the classroom.


A Message from Joe Fana,  Principal of The Classical School

On Thursday, May 4, TCS will recognize the National Day of Prayer.  The National Day of Prayer was instituted by the President Truman Administration, where the National Day of Prayer was set-aside for people of faith to pray for our country.  Although the National Day of Prayer began in 1952, our Founding Fathers understood the importance of prayer and instilled it into the fabric of the First Continental Congress.

It has become a traditional at TCS for our Student Government Association to lead our school in prayer for families, government, business and media, church, education, and military.  Please take a moment on this day to lift our country before Him in prayer.



50’s Day

Students in Mrs. Shipley’s High School American History classes studied life in the 1950’s last Thursday. To celebrate this learning, students dressed in attire from the 1950’s. They looked absolutely fabulous!


Students in American History classes dressed from the 1950's to celebrate studying that decade. Students in American History classes dressed from the 1950's to celebrate studying that decade. Students in American History classes dressed from the 1950's to celebrate studying that decade.


1st Grade

Students in Mrs. Wixtrom’s 1st grade class wrote their own Fairy Tale and then presented it in class. students had to think about their characters, the setting, and any problem solving involved in the story.

Students in 1st grade wrote their own fairy tale and presented it to the class.



Senior Lunch

All Seniors are invited to a luncheon with Mrs. Mayberry, Mr. Fana and Mrs. Donovan. The luncheon will be held on Friday, May 5th, at Olive Garden (Millenia location) at 11:30 a.m.


Lunch & Learn – Alex Chediak Parent Event

Author Alex Chediak will be speaking at a Lunch & Learn for parents, hosted by TFA. All TFA parents are invited (TCS included)!

Thursday, May 11 at 12:00pm

Student Center

$10 per person – includes lunch – Click here to sign up!

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