The Classical School Blog, Week of November 3rd


Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:

A Message from Sarah Donovan, Principal of Extended Educational Programs


“God bless America, land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above”


These words from God Bless America remind us that the true light comes from above. During the turbulent election times, let us be reminded of these words. On Tuesday, November 8th, TEEP students (Preschool, TCS, and The First Hope) are invited to show their patriotism by dressing up for ‘God Bless America Day’. This recognition is in dedication to Veteran’s Day and Election Day. Please ensure your students do not display political viewpoints from their outfits, but rather a love for our Lord and the country He blessed.


“God bless America, my home sweet home
God bless America, my home sweet home”
May you all be blessed in this land we call home.

A Message from Joe Fana,  Principal of The Classical School

What time did you turn on your iDevice this morning?  What time did you turn it off?  Odds are you have not turned it off in days.  The same may go for your child.  I sometimes wonder how I would have lived if I had an iDevice when I grew up.  I think of all the time I spent outside, actually conversing with others, and dare I say, did not need to stay plugged in to survive.

I have all of the bells and whistles now – from an Apple Watch to multiple computers; however, to be honest, I am concerned with the amount of screen time kids are now spending on non-academic material.  The American Academy of Pediatrics, in their new policy statement released on October 21, states similar concerns.  The following is a summary of highlights to what they recommend:

  1. Parents should be consistent with limits for children on the amount of time spent on media.
  2. Children should have at least 1 hour of daily physical activity and 8-12 hours of sleep.
  3. Students should not sleep with any electronic devices such as phones and TV in their bedrooms and limit exposure of screen time one hour before bedtime.
  4. Have “media-free” time together as a family (AAP Council on Communications and Media, 2016).

Consider adopting some of these recommendations as a family.  Some great things can come from it!  To read more from the AAP’s policy statement, visit



Our Kindergarten students had so much fun during the second part of Homecoming. Here they are in cute hats! Kindergarten also had fun learning through creating thinking maps.

TCS Kindergarten students dressed in silly hats for homecoming.           Kindergarten creating thinking maps.

3rd Grade

Third grade completed a science experiment in small groups, learning about how glaciers cause erosion and slow changes in the earth.

TCS third grade students participating in a science experiment.

Field Trip

No better time than Election Time to get to know our our presidents who have served our country!  TCS/TFH students attended “Rock the President’s” at The Orlando Repertory Theatre for a rockin’ historical field trip!

TCS students took a field trip to the Orlando Rep Theatre to see 'Rock the President's!'



RightNow Media

We’re excited to share that our school now has access to an extensive, video library called RightNow Media.  It’s the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” and has a HUGE library of faith-based videos that you can access whenever and wherever you want—on your phone, iPad, computer, or at home on your TV.

Every TCS family should have received an official invitation email from RightNow Media which includes FREE access to their content.  Once you receive the email, simply click the link, sign up for an account, and you’re all set to explore more than 12,000 videos.

We hope that RightNow Media is a blessing to you and your family.  Check out the link below for a sample of the content.  Thank you for partnering with us!

Matt Chandler

New Gym/P.E. Teacher

Ryan Reeves is making her way back to the TCS family after her initial experience as the adaptive PE teacher at First Hope.  During her time off to pursue her Masters in Occupational Therapy, God’s plan for her and her husband, Max to start a family became clear.  They have two delightfully sweet and energetic little girls, Margaret 3½ and Evelyn 10 months. Ryan has continued to use her gifts of teaching and connecting with children by teaching swim lessons in a private setting.

Ryan Reeves has been hired as the new gym/PE teacher for TCS.

No Shave November

This fun event is sponsored by the National Honor Society this month. During this time, high school gentleman may purchase a No Shave Wristband for $15 and let their beards grow all month and support local cancer research. Sponsors may join in the fun by sponsoring their favorite guy for $10. Rewards will be given for “Best Student Beard” and “Most Sponsored Beard”. The two winning students will be allowed to keep their beards for the rest of the semester! Wristbands and sponsorships are now on sale and may be purchased from Mrs. Mayberry.


Red, White & Blue Day

In recognition of the upcoming election day, November 8th, we will be inviting students to wear ‘red, white, & blue’ and anything patriotic in honor of ‘God Bless America Day’. Jeans are allowed on this day. Please do not wear attire that advertises a particular candidate or viewpoint.

Shoebox Drive for Haiti

Don’t forget to start working on your shoeboxes for Haiti! Please consider assembling a box gift for a child.  A printable packing list can be found at  We will be collecting the boxes in our office until Wednesday, November 9.

8th Grade Parent Meeting

On November 10th we will have a meeting for all parents of current 8th grade students. We will be discussing high school courses, graduation requirements, and preparing for college. This will be held in the E-2 building, Room 225, at 2 p.m. Please bring any questions with you that you might have!

TCS and TFH Parent Volunteer Sign Up

Parents: Please click here to see how you can volunteer around TCS and TFH. We are so thankful for our parent volunteers and appreciate any help you can provide!

Thanksgiving Feast

Our annual Thanksgiving Family Feast will be held on November 17 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. It is a is a time for all TCS & TFH families gather together for a Thanksgiving lunch and give thanks for the blessings we have been given. During the event families will enjoy two performances: one from students in grades K-5 (TCS & TFH Inclusion program) and one from the students in TFH Transitions+ Secondary program.

Anyone who would like to attend (including the student) must purchase a ticket. Your ticket includes a plated lunch and entry into the program. Tickets can be purchased using the FormStack by clicking here . Each ticket is $14.00 per person. The deadline to purchase tickets for the feast is Monday, November 7th.

Art at the Thanksgiving Feast

All students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade who are currently taking an art class at TCS will have a special piece on display at the feast. Be on the lookout for your student’s artwork!

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