The Classical School Newsletter, Week of 10/22

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:
•October 26: Boy’s Basketball Tryouts
•October 27: Uniform Resale
•October 27: Dearly Departed Opening Night


A Message from Sarah Donovan, The Principal of Extended Educational Programs
What an amazing Homecoming week had at The Extended Educational Programs! A big Thank You to our Parent Association team, led by Candace Herbert, who created the stellar Homecoming Party. The students had a blast playing games, doing arts & crafts, eating pizza, and cheering on our Royal football players and cheerleaders. The Early Learning Center students showed their Royal’s pride and joy in the Homecoming Parade. TCS and The First Hope Inclusion students made us all so proud with their phenomenal Homecoming float. What a week filled with Royal pride!

Sarah Donovan


Tierra Brown

Tierra Brown
This is Tierra’s second year at TCS. She works as a paraprofessional who helps TCS with the inclusion of The First Hope students. As a TFA alumni, Tierra has always appreciated that the school is Christ-centered. She loves that the TCS faculty and staff work together to enure that students receive the greatest opportunity to succeed in the classroom. TCS does a great job embraces and supporting The First Hope students.

This past week was especially enjoyable for Tierra. She enjoyed seeing the excitement and school spirit that surrounded homecoming. She appreciated all the costumes that people wore for the spirit days.

When she gets a chance, Tierra goes to the beach in the Florida Keys where she relaxes. She is the youngest of three and enjoys traveling and mentoring youth. Outside the classroom, she leads our TFA girls basketball team.


Homecoming Party
Everybody had a great time at The Classical School’s Homecoming Pizza Party this last Friday.

Cheer Homecoming TCS Homecoming Homcoming


TCS Float
We want to give a big shout-out to our students, parents, and staff that helped the TCS Float take 3rd in the Homecoming Float Competitions this year.



Self-Study Days
The Self-Study Days were designed to give our families flexibility in participating in activities outside of our curriculum. On the Self-Study Days, students will not be assigned work by their teachers. Rather, the student and parent can come up with their own course of study for that day. This counts as a school day; however, you are not required to turn documentation in to the school.


Uniform Resale
Uniform resale will be held on the last Tuesday of the month, October 27th at the Student Center after drop off and before pickup.


The Suffering Servant- A Devotional Message from PJ Wehry
As Christians we know that we’re supposed to minister to others. It can be tempting to try and minister from a position of strength or to excuse ourselves from ministering because of our weakness. Paul encourages us to not fall into this trap. “In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Jesus Christ.” And just how did Christ approach us? “He made himself nothing.” It’s so easy for us to descend from our higher spiritual ground and minister to the weak, but this is arrogance. Christ made himself nothing, became a servant, and humbled himself to a death on the cross. The greatest model for ministry is the suffering servant. Serving others is not a chance to rejoice in your strength. It is a chance to share in their suffering.


Please take a few moments to verify and update your contact, emergency, and pickup information in RenWeb. This is our primary method of regular communication so it is important that we have
accurate information on each student.


Field Trip Info
We are excited to share with you our scheduled TCS Field Trips for this school year. Please see the attached document for a description of the event. All Fall semester field trips are currently open for registration (with the exception of a couple waiting to be updated online).

To register, please visit the link below or visit The Classical School’s website page from The First Academy’s homepage.

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